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Life Skills Class Team building Proposal


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Life Skills Class Team building Proposal

  1. 1. Schoharie County Youth BureauPO Box 233Schoharie, New York 12157 Phone: (518) 295-2057  Fax: (518) 295-2094George McDonnell, Director ………………..…………………georgemcdonnell@co.schoharie.ny.usNancy-Jo Brumaghim, Program Coordinator…………nancy-jo.brumaghim@co.schoharie.ny.usJoAnne Boss, YB Assistant………….…..…….………………… Team Building WorkshopDate: October 3, 2012Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pmProgram Objectives: To have youth feel part of the group, start developing a sense of belongingWork Shop Participants: Youth ages 14-18Number of Participants: 7 to 10Location: Teen Town CobleskillWorkshop by: Schoharie County Youth BureauFacilitators: George McDonnell- Youth Bureau Director JoAnne Boss- Youth Bureau Assistant Nancy Brumaghim- Program Coordinator Workshop ProposalWorkshop Title:Workshop Description: We will provide activities for the group that will promote teamwork and trust. We will begin with some icebreakers/ name games to help the group feel comfortable with each other and start to move them out of their comfort zones to allow growth and learning. From here we will work with the group to establish the norms and behaviors the group will uphold. After the group has decided on the norms we will work on teambuilding and trust activities. We will end the workshop with a group debrief on the day.Skills/Knowledge: In this workshop students will work on building bonds and trust. They will leave this workshop with a good understanding of what is expected of them and the group for the remainder of the class.Workshop Objectives: To introduce the participants into the skill building class in a safe environment Set the norms the group will adhere to for the remainder of the class Introduce the idea of working as a group to achieve their goals. Develop trust among the group
  2. 2. Itinerary3:00- 3:15 Youth arrive at Teen Town3:10-3:15 Introductions o Overview of the program3:05- 3:35 Warm Up Activities/ Name Games 1. Everybody is it- warm up activity 2. Thumb in the Hole - Warm up Get to know activity 3. Group Juggle - name game 4. Hand Shakes - warm up/ introduction skills 5. Card Share- Get to know you activity Goals: o Start to create an environment of belonging o Begin to form group bonds o Ease the anxiety and tension of joining a new group o Learn each other’s names o Start to bring the group out of their comfort zones to their stretch zone, where learning can take place.3:45- 4:00 Full Value Contact 1. Goal setting (individual & group) 2. Introduction to Full Value Contract 3. Develop Norms and Behaviors for group 4. Create groups Full Value Contract Goals: o To set the norms and standards that this group will follow to allow them to reach their individual goals and group goals. o Allow all group members to have a say in and create these norms o Develop ownership of the program for the youth participating in it. o Teach responsibility of the group and individual to up hold what this group has deemed of value.4:00- 4:20 Initiative 1 Team Work 1. Magic Carpet- teambuilding/ communication 2. Helium Hula Hoop- cooperation/ problem solving 3. Partner Draw- communication  We will do a short debrief after each activity Goals o Teach the importance of working as a team to accomplish their goals o Cooperation vs. competition o Think Win Win o Bring group out of their comfort zones in the growth zone
  3. 3. 4:20- 4:45 Initiative 2 Trust 1. Trust Walk- Introduction of trust 2. Mousetrap Circle Activity- the importance of trust/ how our emotions affect others 3. Mousetrap Partner- How to safely defuse our negative feelings Group will work up to this last trust activity. They must show that they are ready for this activity through how they handle the first two activities. Not all groups will be ready to proceed to this activity. This will not impact the overall outcomes of the trust activities.  We will do a short debrief after each activity Goals o Start to learn to trust yourself, and show others than you are trustworthy. o Start to develop trust among the group so they can work together o Take responsibility for our own feelings4:45-5:00 Debrief 1. Chiji Card Debrief o Reflection on what we did in the workshop and how these lessons can be transferred to their daily lives and for the rest of the program o Goals for the programLogistics: An open area that will allow the number of each group to freely move around. All Activities can be done inside or out.Material: cones, webbing, tossables, large cards (1 deck), Poster board, 3x5 cards (25), Pens, markers, easel pad, small tarps (2), Hula hoops (4), clipboards (8), cards for partner draw, mousetraps (10), blindfolds, Chiji Cards (both decks) ~ Promoting the development of happy and healthy youth ~