Middleburgh Awarness Day Workshop


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Middleburgh Awarness Day Workshop

  1. 1. Schoharie County Youth Bureau113 Park Place, Suite 4Schoharie, New York 12157  Phone: (518) 295-2057  Fax: (518) 295-2094George McDonnell, Director ………………..…………………georgemcdonnell@co.schoharie.ny.usNancy-Jo Brumaghim, Program Coordinator…………nancy-jo.brumaghim@co.schoharie.ny.usJoAnne Jorgensen, YB Assistant………….…..…….………………….jjorgensen@co.schoharie.ny.us Middleburgh Central School Awareness Day Event Title: “Think Before You _________________” Date: June 3, 2011 Time: 10:30-2:30 Program Objectives: Making Better Choices/ Consequences for their actions Work Shop Participants: Students in Grades 8-11 Number of session: 5 Workshop by: Schoharie County Youth Bureau Facilitators: George McDonnell- Youth Bureau Director JoAnne Jorgensen- Youth Bureau Assistant Workshop ProposalWorkshop Title: “Think Before You Act.” “Seek First to Understand, Then To Be Understood”Length of Workshop: 40 MinutesNumber of Workshops: 5Workshop Description: We will take “Think Before You Act” to the next level by incorporating the habit, “Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood” from Sean Covey’s book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens”. We will utilize team building activities as well as experiential learning techniques to help participants become more aware of the impact they have on others, how they choose to treat others, and the consequences of their actions or in-actions. All of the team building activities will require active participation from the students. The activities are low energy which will allow everyone to participate. We do utilize Project Adventure’s principle of “Challenge by Choice”, where participants set their own level of participation based on their own comfort level.Skills/Knowledge: In this workshop students will work on listening skills and social skills to develop a better understanding of the impact they have on others.
  2. 2. Workshop Objectives: Increase participants’ awareness and appreciation of:  Individual differences  How our actions or in-actions affect others  The importance of diversity and changing negative attitudesAgenda and Activities: Students arrive/ Introductions/ Overview of workshop/ Ground rules- 5 minutes Activity 1: Card Share- 10 minutes Purpose: Icebreaker/ commonalities & diversity of each of us Skills: Listening skills/ Social Skills Description: Each student is handed 1 playing card. At the start of the activity they must find a partner. They will then share interesting facts about themselves with their partner based on the value of their card. They then switch cards with that person and find a new partner. Debrief: Did you find out an interesting fact about someone that you did not know? Did you find someone who had something in common with you? Activity 2: Rejection- 10 minutes Purpose: Diversity/ Dealing with rejection/ How our actions affect others Skills: Listening Skills/ Social Skills/ Resiliency Description: Each participant will be given another playing card. This time they will find a partner with a card that has something in common with their own. They will discuss different topics with that partner before moving on to a new partner with a card that has something in common with theirs. What will be unknown to the group as a whole is that certain cards will have different instructions on how the game is played. For example, someone with a diamond will not talk with anyone who has a heart, even if they have cards with something in common. Debrief: What? So What?, Now What? Questions to be developed prior to workshop Activity 3: Poker face- 10 minutes Purpose: To show the affects of judging someone on only one characteristics and how exclusion will have a negative impact. Skills: Social/ Character Building Description: Every participant will receive a new playing card. They are instructed to not look at the card. At the start of the activity they will be instructed to put their card on their forehead, so everyone can see their card but them. They will have to get into groups based on the value of their card, with the face cards being the highest social value. The group will have to decide who is allowed to join what suit. Debrief: What?, So What?, Now What? Questions to be developed prior to workshopClosing/ Final Debrief: Review what we did in the workshop and how these lessons can be transferred to their daily lives . -5 MinutesLogistics/ Material: An open area that will allow the number of each group to freely move around. Large playing cards (3 decks) ~ Promoting the development of happy and healthy youth ~