LPP Youth Conference Workshop


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LPP Youth Conference Workshop

  1. 1. Schoharie County Youth Bureau113 Park Place, Suite 4Schoharie, New York 12157Phone: (518) 295-2057 Fax: (518) 295-2094George McDonnell, Director ………………..…………………georgemcdonnell@co.schoharie.ny.usNancy-Jo Brumaghim, Program Coordinator…………nancy-jo.brumaghim@co.schoharie.ny.usJoAnne Jorgensen, YB Assistant………….…..…….………………….jjorgensen@co.schoharie.ny.usLiberty Partnership Program Youth ConferenceEvent Title: “LPP Youth Conference”Date: March 13, 2012Time: 9:00-1:30Program Objectives: LeadershipWork Shop Participants: Students in Grades 9th& 10thNumber of Participants: 120/ Icebreakers 30/ Leadership WorkshopNumber of session: 3Workshop by: Schoharie County Youth BureauFacilitators: George McDonnell- Youth Bureau DirectorJoAnne Jorgensen- Youth Bureau AssistantNancy Brumaghim- Program CoordinatorWorkshop ProposalWorkshop Title: “PLUS EST EN VOUS“There is More in You” (then you Think)“Leadership development begins with you”Length of Workshop: 25 Minutes (Icebreakers)50 Minutes (Workshops)Number of Participants: 120 students (Icebreakers/ Warm up)30 Students (Leadership Workshops)Number of Workshops: 1 -Icebreakers and warm up activities2 -Leadership WorkshopsWorkshop Description: We will take the first 3 habits; Be Proactive, Begin with the End inMind”, and Put 1stThings 1stfrom Sean Covey’s book “The SevenHabits of Highly Effective Teens” and combine them into onelesson in leadership developmentWe will utilize teambuilding activities as well as experientiallearning techniques to introduce the 1stthree Habits and how theyare the foundation to leadership. All of the teambuilding activitieswill require active participation from the students. The activitiesare low energy which will allow everyone to participate. We doutilize Project Adventure’s principle of “Challenge by Choice”,
  2. 2. where participants set their own level of participation based ontheir own comfort level.Skills/Knowledge: In this workshop students will learn prioritizing, proactive thinking,setting goals,Workshop Objectives: Increase participants’ awareness and appreciation of:● Responsibility for ones actions and feeling● Control you own destiny or someone else will● Developing a road map to reach your goals● Avoiding roadblocks that prevent you from your goalsAgenda and Activities:9:00 am Students arrive in Bouck Gym for an introduction to the day’s events.9:05- 9:35 am Icebreakers and warm up activitiesActivity 1: HandshakesActivity 2: 52 Pick UpActivity 3: Over Here!Activity 4: Gotcha9:40- 10:30 am Workshop 1: “PLUS EST EN VOUS”Power point presentation 10 MinutesStudents arrive/ Introductions/ Overview of workshop/ Ground rules-5 minutesOverview of workshop objectiveWhat is leadershipo Video clip: Leadership Lessons from the Dancing GuyIntroduction to Habits 1,2,&3Why the first three habits are essential to becoming a leadero Video Clip: Man in the MirrorActivity 1: Stone Video 10 minutesPurpose: Habit 1 Be ProactiveSkills: Listening skills, responsibility for ones actions and feeling, reactive v. proactivechoices.Description: The group will watch a short video about how a couple of Americanvolunteers in Africa saw a need for the young men in the village.The video demonstrates how being proactive instead of reactive leads tomuch better outcomes.Debrief: Discussion on how Habit 1 was utilized by those involvedActivity 2: Crossings 25 minutesPurpose: Habit 2 “Begin with the End in Mind”Skills: Goal setting, developing a road map to reach your goals, control you own destinyor someone else will.Description: The group will have to safely get their entire group a crossed the “LavaRiver” in the allotted time. The group is given a pile of resources”, carpetSquares”, to use to safely cross the river.Debrief: What? So What? Now What?Questions to be developed prior to workshop
  3. 3. Activity 3: Quote Exchange- 10 minutesPurpose: Habit 3 “Put First Things First”Skills: Listening, Prioritizing, Courage, Overcoming ObstaclesDescription: Each participant will receive a quote. They will be given 2-3minutes to read their quote and reflect on its meaning. They willthen be instructed to find a partner. Each partner will take turnsreading their quote to one another. After each person reads theirquote, their partner will have an opportunity to tell their partnerwhat they feel the quote means and how it relates to “Put 1stThings 1st.Debrief: Have Group discus their quotes with everyone the partner up with. At endeveryone will circle up and each person will read their Quote and say whatthe quote means to them.Closing/ Final Debrief: Review what we did in the workshop and how these lessons can be transferredto their daily lives . -5 MinutesLogistics: Classroom setting with ability to show power point presentation. Plus anopen are to conduct team building activitiesMaterials: Laptop, Projector, Carpet Squares, Quotes, Webbing, 5 Tall Cones, 5 ShortCones, 52 Pick up Cards~ Promoting the development of happy and healthy youth ~