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Leadership workshop


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Published in: Education, Business
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Leadership workshop

  1. 1. Schoharie County Youth Bureau PO Box 233 Schoharie, New York 12157 Phone: (518) 295-2057  Fax: (518) 295-2094 George McDonnell, Director ………………..………………… Nancy-Jo Brumaghim, Program Coordinator………… JoAnne Boss, YB Assistant………….…..…….………………… Leadership Training Workshop Group: The Mentoring & Tutoring Program Date: March 1, 2014 Time: 8:00- 3:00 Work Shop Participants: Student Employees & Staff of the Mentoring & Tutoring Program Number of Participants: 40-50 Location: TBD Workshop by: Schoharie County Youth Bureau Facilitators: George McDonnell- Youth Bureau Director JoAnne Boss- Youth Bureau Assistant Nancy Brumaghim- Program Coordinator Workshop Proposal Workshop Description: This will be an interactive workshop to provide leadership skills through team building exercises, keynote presentations, small group discussions, and a final debrief to reflect on the day. We will incorporate experiential learning techniques into the workshop. By being involved in the learning process participants will better absorb the leadership skills and more likely utilize them with those they mentor and tutor. Skills/Knowledge: In this workshop participants will: gain leadership knowledge learn the importance of grit and the growth mindset Workshop Objectives: 1. Increase participants understanding of their impact on the students they tutor/mentor 2. Provide leadership skills to: a.Improve mentor /tutor’s effectiveness on those they tutor/mentor b. Model/ pass along skills to those they work with.
  2. 2. Itinerary 8:15-8:30 Welcome/ Sign in 8:30- 9:00 Warm up Activities o Signature Bingo o Handshakes o Partner Introductions Goals: o Start to create an environment of belonging o Ease the anxiety and tension of the day o Learn each other’s names o Start to bring the group out of their comfort zones to their stretch zone, where learning can take place. o To show the importance of making connections with one another 9:00 - 9:45 Key Note Address “What is Leadership” o Workshop Expectations o Workshop Objectives o Key Note Address Goals: o Outline what the day will consist of o The purpose of why we are all here today o Introduce the concept that leadership is within all of us o Connect leadership to Tutoring/ Mentoring 9:45-12:00 Morning Breakout Sessions- “The Private Victory of Leadership” o Session1: “Be Proactive” o Activity: Quote Exchange or Comfort Circles o Session 2: “Begin with the End in Mind” o Activity: Crossings o Session 3: “Put 1st Things First” o Activity: Gridlock Goals: o To demonstrate that before we can lead others, we must 1st be a leader of ourselves o To demonstrate that we are responsible for how we choose to respond and how we choose to feel to events in our lives o Develop a clear picture of where you want to go in life o Learn to prioritize and manage your time so that your 1st things come 1st 12:00-12:45 Lunch
  3. 3. 12:45-1:00 Warm Up Activities o Look up Look Down and or Count to Ten o Card Share o Commonalities o What is in a Name Goals: o Energize the group after having lunch o Continue to make connections with other participants 1:00-1:30 Keynote Address “Importance of Grit & Perseverance in Success o Growth Mindset activity: Continuum o Growth Mindset v. Fixed Mindset o Growth mindset video o Growth Mindset Presentation o Video on Perseverance/ Grit Goals: o Review the day so far o Introduce the concept of Growth Mindset and Perseverance in Success in Life o Discuss Leadership Skills that will help participants to improve connections with those the help. 1:30 -2:30 Afternoon Breakout Sessions “The Public Victory of Leadership o Session1: “Think Win- Win” / “Trust” o Activities: Cross the Line/ Mouse Traps o Session 2: “Seek 1st to Understand then be Understood” o Activity: Nuclear Waste o Session 3: “Synergize” o Activity: Noodle Pass Goals: o To develop an understanding of the importance of positive relationships o Start to learn to trust yourself and show others than you are trustworthy. o Learn the importance of good communications o Working together will help create a better solution than working alone 2:30-3:00 Debrief 1. What?, So What?, Now What a. Review what we did today b. Why it was important c. How do we transfer the skills learned back to or roles as mentor/ tutors 2. Chiji Card Debrief a. Reflection on what we did in the workshop and how these lessons can be transferred to their daily lives and for the rest of the program b. A goal they have for themselves for the program
  4. 4. Logistics: 1. Breakout Session & Warm-up Games o An open area that will allow the number of each group to freely move around. 2. Keynote o Area with a screen and seating for entire group plus room for small group discussion. Material: Signature Bingo Sheets (50), Laptop, Projector, Speakers, Screen, Quote Cards, Webbing, Cones, Carpet Squares, Dots, Large Playing cards (4 decks), Hula Hoops (14), Mouse Traps (4), Nuclear Waste (2 Sets), Noodles, Chiji Cards (2 decks) Resources: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”- Sean Covey “Mindset - The New Psychology of Success”- Carol Dweck Ph.D. Search Institute- TED- ~ Promoting the development of happy and healthy youth ~