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Registration and archway overview 110512pptx 1


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Registration and archway overview 110512pptx 1

  1. 1. Diane Vaccaro, Associate Registrar
  2. 2. Web Registration We are Green! The registration instructions and the schedule of classes are ONLY available online. You will not receive a printed copy. The Archway Schedule of Course information is in real-time format and will reflect any changes and updates to course information. The Archway is not available between the hours of 2am and 6am daily for scheduled maintenance.
  3. 3. Registration AppointmentsAll students are assigned a registration time each semester, to ensure fairaccess to classes. Student records are sorted by anticipated degree dateand then completed credit hours.The College uses anticipated completion date to identify students by theirgraduating class. This date refers to the May commencement ceremony inwhich you are most likely to participate.Your registration day and time indicates when you can BEGIN to register.You do not need to register exactly at your assigned time. You can registerat, or anytime after, your assigned time.
  4. 4. Advisor ApprovalAll students must have advisor approval PRIOR to registeringonline.Your academic advisor is prepared to assist you in registeringfor classes that meet your interests and needs.In preparation for your meeting, you are encouraged to reviewyour Program Evaluation and the schedule of classes onArchway.
  5. 5. Using Program Evaluation:You may find the Program Evaluation feature helpful inplanning your schedule. The Program Evaluation will help youdetermine which degree requirements have been completedand identify those that must still be met. Select "ProgramEvaluation" on The Archway. You may evaluate your programsthat are currently declared or run a "what if?" scenario withdifferent majors.
  6. 6. Authorization and Restrictions:my.mcdaniel.eduConfirm your registration day and time.Check for advisor approval.Check to be sure that you do not have any holds on yourrecord.
  7. 7. Registration Information –Definitions:TermSubjectCourse NumberCourse Type
  8. 8. Tips for Searching for classes and AdditionalInformation:Sort options: By course type By department By professor By meeting day and timeAdditional Information: Course section description Pre-requisites Additional fees
  9. 9. Special RegistrationsRegistrations for the following types of instruction, require a signedAdd/Drop form or an Email to the Registrar’s Office from theprofessor. Pre-requisite waivers Instructor permissionRegistration for the following require special forms which alsoneed to be completed and turned into the Registrar’s Office. Private Music Lessons > 1000 level Internships Independent studies
  10. 10. STUDENTS MAY ONLY REGISTER FOR FOUR 4-CREDIT COURSES DURING REGISTRATION. IF YOUREGISTER FOR 5 OR MORE 4 CREDIT COURSES,RANDOMLY CHOSEN CLASSES, WILL BE DROPPEDFROM YOUR SCHEDULE TO MEET THE FOUR 4-CREDIT LIMIT.You can register for more than 16 credit hours, if you areregistering for a Military Science class, EPE Activity,Music Lesson, Choir, Band, Independent Study and/orInternship.It is only the 4-credit classes which have a limit.Additional 4-credit courses can be added beginning onMonday, November 26th.
  11. 11. Waitlist Information:Beginning on Monday, November 26th , students will be able tomake schedule changes by adding and dropping classes on-line.If you are on a waitlist for a Spring class, and the class appears onyour schedule November 26th, your name was added to the classroster. If the waitlisted class does not appear on your schedule, youdid not get added to the class roster, however, waitlists will remainactive until the beginning of the semester.
  12. 12. More Information on Archway…..Academic HistoryAuthorizations & RestrictionsCatalog (Undergraduate)Class ScheduleGradesJanuary TermMath Placement ExamsProgram EvaluationRegister For ClassesRegistrars Office Forms (student resources)Registration Instructions (Undergraduate)Search for ClassesStudent ProfileTest SummaryWaitlist ManagementLink to BookstoreLink to Email My Advisor
  13. 13. Note: Second semester sophomores (rising juniors) must declare a major and be advised in that major before registering for courses in thespring of their sophomore year.
  14. 14. We encourage you to take sometime and explore the variouspieces of your student record thatare available on line.Use the Archway and registrationtools to become more selfempowered students.
  15. 15. THANK YOU