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Peer Mentor workshop 1: McDaniel 101


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Peer mentor led FLEX session covering the basics of navigating McDaniel College's information resources.

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Peer Mentor workshop 1: McDaniel 101

  1. 1. Where Is It?! The Pool: located in Decker College Center in the level under Glar! The Wellness Center: in Winslow Center, the building behind Eaton Hall! The OSE: across from Glar! CEO: In the basement of Rouzer, down the hall next to the OSE across from Glar! SASS: On the first level of Academic Hall, to the left! The Writing Center: on the first level of Hill Hall!
  2. 2. ALWAYS CHECK YOUREMAILEmail is VERY important This is how clubs, professors, and everybody on campus gets in touch with you! Also, when professors post assignments, many will email you through BlackBoard and let you know that they posted something!
  3. 3. Student Portal Here, you can access your email, Blackboard, the McDaniel OneCard website, OrgSync, the library website, and any information you may need as a student! The website is, and use your username and password (like what you would use to sign into Archway) to log in.
  4. 4. Blackboard: Grades Sign into Blackboard On the left side, click “My Grades” Select the class you are interested in!
  5. 5. Blackboard: Send Email Log into Blackboard On the left side, click “Send Email” Select the class you wish to send an email to Select the option that best applies to who you want to send an email to, whether it be all the people in your class, a select few, or just the instructor. Send your email!
  6. 6. Archway: View Grades Log into Archway Click “Student Menu” Click “Grades” in the column on the right Select the semester that you inquiring about and click “Submit”
  7. 7. Archway: ProgramEvaluation Log into Archway Click “Student Menu” In the right column, click “Program Evaluation” Select your major, or if you wish to see the program evaluation for another major, select the major you wish to see it for, and then click “Submit”
  8. 8. Archway: WaitlistManagement If you are waitlisted for a course, this will show you the course and where you are on the waitlist Log into Archway Click “Student Menu” In the column on the right, click “Waitlist Management”
  9. 9. Archway: ChangePassword If you need to change your password, this button changes the password for all of your accounts linked to McDaniel except for your email. Log into Archway and click on the student menu In the left column, click on “Change Password” This link will take you to a website where you can change your McDaniel passwords
  10. 10. Archway: Partial Process! THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you are registering for a course, always select “Part Process what’s available!” at the bottom of the screen If one of your classes close at the last second at registration, this keeps your whole registration process from being rejected if one class is no longer available! This choice will automatically put you on the waitlist!
  11. 11. Archway: Test Summary This shows any AP tests you’ve taken before McDaniel and your scores, your SAT scores, and any scores on placement exams. Log into Archway and click on Student Menu In the column on the right, select “Test Summary”
  12. 12. Archway: Search for McDanielPlan Requirements Log onto Archway and click “Student Menu” Click “Search for Classes” In the dropdown bar towards the top of these search section labeled “MDL/BLAR - UG, GR-MLA,” find the McDaniel plan requirement that satisfies what you’re looking for. For example, to find Creative Expression classes, click the CE option. Each requirement is labeled so it can be easily recognized.
  13. 13. Archway: Academic History Log into Archway and click on “Student Menu” Select “Academic History” in the right hand column. This will show you all of the classes taken to date, the grade earned in the course, and what year the course was taken in. It also lists your total taken credits to date.
  14. 14. Archway: Authorizationsand Restrictions This will tell you if you have any restrictions on your student account. These restrictions could keep you from registering for classes! Also, if you are cleared to register for classes by your advisor, this section of archway will say that you are cleared and when you can register. Your student ID, advisor and their email, your major(s) and/or minor(s) as well as some other personal information (address, phone number, emergency contact info, etc.) On the right hand side of the student menu, select “Authorizations and Restrictions”
  15. 15. Archway: PreferredSelections Basket As you know from registration, the preferred sections basket is very important! When registering for classes, search for classes under “Register for Classes” option on right hand side of column in the student menu and click “Search and Register for Sections”. Whatever class you search for, you can check off on the left and when you submit at the bottom of the page, it will automatically go to your preferred sections basket.
  16. 16. Archway: PreferredSelections Basket At registration, click on “Register for Classes” again, but select “Register for Preferred Classes” and you can automatically register for the courses you selected earlier.
  17. 17. Select register here!
  18. 18. Archway: Grades In the student menu, select “grades” and the term that applies, and it will then show your grades for that semester. If you want to see a transcript, Academic History will be more helpful. If you need a copy of your transcript, call the Registrar’s office!
  19. 19. Archway: Financial AidAward Letter Here you can see your scholarships and loans planned out. If you want a more detailed layout, call the Bursar’s office! In the Student Menu, select Financial Aid Award Letter under the Financial Aid section on the right and select the year you’re inquiring about.
  20. 20. OrgSyncThis can be found through the student portal.On the right side, select the “OrgSync” option.Login with your McDaniel username and passwordHere you can find information about events oncampus, what certain clubs are doing, events hostedby the OSE and all kinds of great campus info!
  21. 21. Writing Center Website The writing center is a great resource for paper editing and consultation! Under Student Portal, go under the dropdown tab labeled “Student Resources” and go all the way to the “Writing Center” link. This leads to the Writing Center website link. Click this website and set up an account to be able to schedule writing center appointments online!
  22. 22. New Pickle Services! In the Student Portal under Student Resources, select Transportation. Here, click on the picture of the Pickle, which will show the CATS (Carroll Area Transportation System) schedule as well as the new schedule for the Pickle and where it goes!
  23. 23. Any Questions? Ask your PM, your professor, your RA, or anyone on campus!