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Z 2 (Maccoby Group)


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Z 2 (Maccoby Group)

  1. 1. Agents of Change “The Leaders We Need - And What Makes Us Follow” provides many ex- Leadership Never Ends amples of leaders and their organizations from this rich body of work. It is his most comprehensive book, giving readers the fruits of his productive lifetime in what might be called a grand integrated theory. The leaders who engage us believe that the hardest part of change is At the national level, we need leaders who can respond to a world aflame integrating the human element of values, motivation, and creativity with with fundamentalist ideologies, the global ecological crisis, and an increasing percentage of the world facing inadequate food, water, shelter, health. At the strategy and organization. We help them succeed in their leadership roles. organizational level, we need leaders who can organize and inspire knowledge workers in healthcare organizations, schools, and innovative global compa- nies. Traditional bureaucratic managers who built great corporations and gov- ernment agencies of the industrial era lack the personality and understanding needed to engage a new social character, raised in dual career families rather B ased on more than 35 years of than the paternalistic families of the past. applied research and consulting The new interactive social character is composed of free agents motivated with leaders in business, government, by continual learning, teamwork, transparency, participation and above all, unions, universities and non-profit meaningful purpose. If led as collaborators they are a source of ideas, energy, organizations in the United States, and solutions. But they are turned off by rules and carrot and stick-based Canada, Western Europe, North managers. Maccoby describes the changing attitudes of the interactives who Africa, Asia, and Latin America. don’t idealize father figures; and the various kinds of intelligence needed to Founded in 1977, The Mac- lead today. coby Group works with companies, - Richard Margolies, Vice President of the Maccoby Group government, universities, and unions to develop leaders for the common good and the organizations that can implement their visions. From its beginning to 1990, it was affiliated with Harvard’s Kennedy School. TMG President, Dr. Michael Mac- coby, is the author (and co-author) of Nora Maccoby-Hathaway is the Vice President of The Maccoby Group, twelve books on leadership and orga- President of Walker Enterprises, The Stella Group, and co-creator of The nization; the most recent being The Eaglefeathers Project. She has appeared on C-Span, led a workshop at the Leaders We Need And What Makes 2006 Tallberg Forum (Getting Green Technology to Market in Time) bringing Us Follow (Harvard Business School together leaders in the investment world with green technology experts. She Press, 2007). Members of the group also organized and co-hosted the Washington D.C. Green Salon and Blue have developed projects to improve Salon symposiums devoted to the world’s energy and water problems and leadership and organization at AT&T, solutions, the most recent of which was held at the Swedish Embassy’s new Volvo, the World Bank, the MITRE House of Sweden. Co, NIH, Pacific Northwest Labo- In 2003, Nora began to focus primarily on energy related issues and ratories, the State and Commerce co-founded Nature’s Partners, a bipartisan non-profit foundation devoted to en- Departments and other organizations. ergy literacy/education. She has consulted with a broad range of energy users, The Maccoby Group organizes including members of Congress, the Department of Defense, the International two-day leadership workshops - Fund for China’s Environment, California and Maryland state governments, working to facilitate visionary leader- the government of Grenada, private industry and cutting edge new technology ship. Vice president Dr. Richard entities. Margolies has developed and led Since 2005, Nora has been working with the Department of Defense to courses to improve leadership in the enact a new DoD energy directive highlighting conservation, energy efficiency, US Army Corps of Engineers. Vice and the use of renewable energy technology, as well as working with members president Nora Maccoby also works of Congress to advise on energy smart policy. She and her husband (Army extensively with the US Department Major) Todd Hathaway, are critical players in the Energy Consensus, an inter- of Defense, as well as with leaders in departmental/interdisciplinary network of energy experts, thinkers, scientists, business, science, and many different engineers, and leaders in the energy field, tasked with developing “energy parts of government to promote the smart” policies/strategies. Nora’s advising of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld development and implementation of in December 2005 on energy strategy helped establish a centralized DoD clean energy technologies. initiative which led to the creation of The Energy Conversation. The Maccoby Group’s much cited Nora graduated from the Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. She study of leadership in the best health received her BA in Theater and Government from Oberlin College, and her care organizations in America was MFA in Film Directing from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. sponsored by the Robert Wood John- Nora directed “Dropping the Bomb on My Street” (1994), winner of the son Foundation. Dr. Maccoby has Youth Jury: Leopard of Tomorrow Award at the Locarno Film Festival. She served as facilitator of the National went on to co-write “Bongwater” (Jack Black, Luke Wilson, Andy Dick, Brittany Coalition on Health Care. Murphy) (1998) and “Buffalo Soldiers” (Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Anna Paquin) (2003). “Buffalo Soldiers” was nominated for six London Independent Spirit Awards and was the winner of the 2003 London Evening Michael Maccoby, PhD (photography © 2003 - Carol T. Powers, Tel +1.202.895.8922 Standard Award for Best Screenplay. 341 Best of DC Best of DC 2 Nora Maccoby (photo by Roshanak Ameli-Tehrani)