X 6 (Party Like A President)


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X 6 (Party Like A President)

  1. 1. Party Like a President Signs of Sophistication Barack and Michelle were not the only distinguished couple in the powerful Washington media spotlight in, during America’s most historic Presidential Inauguration. In a dynamic city of sophisticated philanthropists, politicians and business professionals, two street- smart innovators seized destiny by capturing audiences with their Dare to Change spirit. D’Oyen and Azalaya Fraser epitomize the same cool, confident, and Can-Do initiatives that the remarkable Illinois Senator embodied to capture the Presidency, the White House, and inspire the World. Celebrities like Ne-Yo, use their access card at PLP Azalaya Fraser, President, runs the daily operations and D’Oyen Fraser, CEO, manages editing and marketing (image courtesy www.iBoardMedia.com ) images by de los Reyes Photography Party Like A President™ grants exclusive velvet-rope VIP access to 15 of Washington’s most exclusive venues with Presidential treatment, during the 4-day inaugural festivities that took take place in DC from 16-20 January 2009 Carmen Electra on iBoard for PLP at the Mink Room Mike Esterman (www.esterman.com) with guest wearing PLP lapel pin Grammy Award-winning musician, rapper, singer, actor Nelly at Party Like A President™ T hese two media-savvy innovators from Columbia, Maryland ushered in award-winning television programs Reggae Splash and After-Nine Hotspots ate exceptional goods and services. Purchasing is instantly accommodated through the the Obama-Era with an exclusive, four-day celebration geared toward which aired on WTTG-Fox 5. As CEO, he manages editing and marketing. shopping portal, ishopiboard.com, which offers client items, services, and promotions, and Washington’s fashionable denizens and citizens who frequent the leading Azalaya attended Montgomery College and the Connecticut School of Broad- inducting clients into the iCard membership community which provides velvet rope access, restaurants, premier lounges, and exclusive clubs. And as the enterprising casting. She enjoyed a rewarding career as a singer and in executive adminis- VIP treatment, and special discounts. Additional special bonuses, discounts, and other couple made clear, ‘Party Like a President’ is for the chic, not the meek. tration; as President, she runs the daily operations. They donate a portion of promotional materials can also be delivered with the purchase. A built-in, intensive quality their profits to the Brandon Carrington Lee Foundation which supports cancer assurance check means maximum impact and satisfied clients for all delivered goods and With his wife Azalaya, D’Oyen operates iBoard, a network of customized research and provides academic scholarships. services. digital displays housed in upscale venues—from leading nightclubs to trendy eating places. Their media venture of iBoard Media launched in 2007 as an The iBoard Media strategy is built on four key elements: Placement, iBoard Media opens a unique communication medium to an exclusive demographic emergent enterprise concept; it delivers more than still images and high Purchase, Fulfillment, and Communication. Placement of the client’s message through customized electronic displays in exclusive lounges, clubs, restaurants, and definition video television, it also offers clientele the shopping portal, on iBoard Media connects it to a unique demographic through its extensive boutique hotels. It presents extraordinary products in the best possible light to an exclusive iShopiBoard.com. network of customized electronic displays in exclusive lounges, clubs, restau- audience of connoisseur clients who have the income, taste, and temperament to appreci- rants, and boutique hotels. Products are presented in the best possible light to ate fine products. iBoard can broadcast the same message or customize the communica- D’Oyen attended the University of Maryland and was the creator of the connoisseur consumers with the income, taste, and temperament to appreci- tion based on the event, time of day, or the client’s creative desires. www.partylikeapresident.com 323 Best of DC Jessica Alba at IMPACT Film Fund event, one of the many PLP-connected venues