W 6 (Ciro Costanzo)


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W 6 (Ciro Costanzo)

  1. 1. Face Value: Menus & Venues Q: What brought you to America and who was the major influence in deciding to come to Washington? Dining & Cuisine A: I have relatives in Pittsburgh, and I decided to come to Washington with the possibility of using my languages in a government job in the Nation’s Capital Q: How did you choose the restaurant and hospitality industry, among your many other career options? A: I am a ‘people-person’ and enjoy settings where I can meet new people everyday Ciro Costanzo stands at the forefront of fine dining in Washington and has Q: What is it about the Nation’s Capital that you feel best reflects fine dining and why? worked behind the scenes of leading restaurants since 1973. A recognized A: DC represents every country in the world more so than any other city in America. Here you can find cuisine from all over the world, truly at its best leader in hospitality who attracts prominent guests to prestigious venues with impressive menus, his social and professional contributions to the Q: In your management experience, what are some of the major changes and developments which have impacted the restaurant industry? A: Educated customers are learning more about fine cuisine, wine pairing, quality of food has improved and the extension of all the different cuisines. nation’s capital have made memorable experiences for regular guests and affluent audiences to return again and again. Q: Prominent guests look to your leadership when they dine, what is a golden rule that you can share readers now and in the years to come? A: Being confident in what you do and who you are, as well as knowing your trade backwards and forwards. Anticipate everything before it happens. A merican restaurants encompass a $558 billion industry, which proves that restaurants have a major “One thing that has always helped me to be among impact on the US economy and its local communities the best in the business, has been maintaining – almost 60% of the 60 million hospitality professionals employed worldwide – which contributes $950 billion relations with each employee and every client. annually to the global economy. The restaurant industry in the United States sets a global standard of excellence I have always tried to ensure everyone feels at and enhances the quality of life – at the cornerstone of each community, as we as improve the economy. home, always making my best effort to provide all levels of customer service. I do everything in my FAST FACTS Restaurant-industry sales advanced 4.4% in 2008 power to delivery great service. equalling 4% of the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is my strong belief that Leadership represents Economic impact of restaurant industry exceeds $1.5.trillion in 2008, including sales in related industries someone who truly loves what they do, there for (such as agriculture, transportation and manufacturing). others wanting to learn, for those who need Every dollar spent by consumers in restaurants assistance - as a client or other peers, generates additional $2.34 spent in other industries in the hospitality industry and beyond... allied with the restaurant industry. ‘catering’ to the hunger for knowledge Restaurant industry employs estimated 13.1 million of new experiences, and the thirst for people, making it the nation’s second-largest employer repeating palatable pleasures of the past.” outside of government. 10% of United States employed work in industry. Ciro Costanzo Total employment of 15.1 million expected in 2018. 25% of eating and drinking place firms are owned by Women, 15% percent by Asians, 8% percent by Hispanics and 4% percent by African-Americans. Nearly 50% of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point during their lives, and 32% of adults got their first job experience in a restaurant. Number of food service managers is projected to increase 11% from 2008 to 2018. $1.5 billion industry sales on a typical day in 2008. 70% of adults who said their favorite restaurant foods provide flavor and taste sensations which cannot be easily duplicated in their home kitchens. 62% of adults say they are likely to decide on eating at a restaurant based on how environmentally friendly it is. source: National Restaurant Association (www.restaurant.org) 11 Best of DC Best of DC 310 Photography by Peter Stepanek © 2008 - www.skyhighart.com