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To See or Be Seen
Dining & Cuisine

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W 2 (Cafe Milano)


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W 2 (Cafe Milano)

  1. 1. To See or Be Seen Dining & Cuisine The National Restaurant Association of Greater Washington selected Café Milano as the D.C. Power Spot, where the influential in government, the diplomatic community, journalism, sports, and entertainment gather. Whether from Europe, Asia, the Arab nations, anywhere in the Americas or just down Pennsylvania Avenue, patrons find a personal and intimate atmosphere at Café Milano. Washington DC’s most beautiful and private dining room The Patio and Entrance of Cafe Milano, on 3251 Prospect Street in Georgetown The Cafe Milano Bar F ranco Nuschese opened Café Milano in 1992 with an eye toward creating a gathering place —a home away from home—for people who love great Italian cuisine and superior service. Even with this classic restaurant’s international fame, the kitchen and wait staffs always remain attentive to each and every patron. Café Milano’s catering experts customize menus and coordinate all details for spectacular events or small private parties. Distinctive dining rooms are available, and for large groups the entire restaurant can be reserved. To be sure, Café Milano is an Italian-American institution that lives up to its virtuoso buzz in every way. Tel +1.202.333.6183 11 Best of DC Best of DC 302 Franco Nuschese, Principal Owner