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Modern Luxury,
Historic Hotels - 1926

                                            Timeless Sophistication.
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V 6 (St Regis)


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V 6 (St Regis)

  1. 1. Modern Luxury, Historic Hotels - 1926 Timeless Sophistication. President Calvin Coolidge himself opened the doors to the St. Regis, at its prestigious opening in 1926, during the height of the Jazz age. Modeled after Claridge’s in London, the hotel is uncompromising in its commitment to excellence and known for delivering an unrivaled dimension of luxury, bespoke service and refined elegance at the best addresses in the world The living room in the Empire Suite The exterior of St. Regis at night. The St. Regis has the cache of a name that pushes it to heights that other hotels only dream of, an address that is among the most elite in Washington, DC. Located just two blocks from The White House, the hotel’s luxurious Italianate exterior, dramatic public spaces, richly designed guest rooms and impeccable service create a luxurious, residential environment that have long made this iconic hotel the destination for royalty, statesmen, business magnates, politicians and celebrities. Over time, the hotel was briefly a Sheraton Carlton and experimented with several name changes, restaurant concepts, etc. But the design was a literal monument of Washington, DC; and the build- ing has returned to the St. Regis name again and again. Artfully designed by Sills Huniford, the restoration of St. Regis’ iconic Washington, D.C. property includes a complete renovation of all guest rooms and public spaces, including the lobby, ballroom, fitness center and meeting rooms as well as a new landscape concept for the Astor Terrace (formerly the Crystal Terrace). The new layout was designed to meet the changing needs of the global St. Regis guest while embrac- ing the legacy of the St. Regis brand. Formerly offering 193 guest rooms, the renovated property will feature 175 rooms, allowing for 11 additional, lavishly decorated suites. it remains a part of the Starwood family of Hotels. The hotel’s outdoor Astor Terrace, a long coveted location for preeminent events The bedroom in the Presidential Suite in Washington, is the only exterior space of its kind in the city that can accommodate up to 200 people. The redesign of this space enhances the European ambiance of the original design. Sills Huniford, known for the redesign of the acclaimed interiors of The St. Regis New York and for their work with such clients as Tina Turner and Vera Wang, have seamlessly blended classic and contemporary design for the new interiors of The St. Regis Washington, D.C. The result is a fresh, bright, modern aesthetic, incorporating bespoke furnishings comprised of distinctive materials. Guests will be delighted with the varied color palette and will find that while one guestroom boasts warm yellows and golds, the suite next door may be in a rich purple or even a deep blue. Each guest room was treated as a residential space, ensuring that guests felt as though they were at home when in residence at The St. Regis Washington, D.C. Billowing lavender sheers bring a serene hue into the lobby which creates a wonderfully luxurious and comfortable setting. The lobby boasts several seating areas where guests can enjoy coffee, hold an impromptu business meeting or meet friends for afternoon tea. In celebration of the reopening of the hotel, The St. Regis Washington, D.C. has unveiled a series of rituals that speak to the storied history of the brand, including The The Presidential Suite Foyer Bloody Mary ritual which honors the creation of the Bloody Mary at The St. Regis New York. Guests will also enjoy the Champagne Ritual where every evening at 6:00 pm a B ecause of its proximity to the White House, different bottle of champagne is dramatically opened with a saber, and served to celebrities often stayed at the St. Regis. Joan everyone in the lobby. Crawford insisted that only Pepsi be served at the hotel for her stays, John Kennedy Jr. and his wife, St. Regis is poised to reclaim its place among the finest hotels not just in the Carolyn Bessette, stayed at the hotel on their many nation’s capital, but in the world. visits to Washington. And the Clintons had one of their Inaugural Balls there in 1993. Beyond American royalty -- the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace of Monaco, as well as Prince Edward, have all made the tel +1.202.638.2626 St. Regis their residence while in the capital city. 293 Best of DC Best of DC 12 Afternoon Tea Detail