V 4 (Marriott Wardman Park)


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V 4 (Marriott Wardman Park)

  1. 1. Washington Marriott Wardman Park Historic Hotels - 1918 Over three decades Harry Wardman transformed the city from a small southern enclave of modest and simple buildings into grand structures of elegance – in all, his influence is felt in over eight hotels throughout the city designed with his lifetime. The outside entrance and walkway of the Marriott Wardman Park (Courtesy of Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel) Harry Wardman was the force behind the Hay- Adams Hotel, the Jefferson, twelve office buildings and over four-hundred apartment buildings. With all that he accomplished, Harry Wardman iden- tified the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel to be the jewel in the crown of his structures. The Ward- man was not only a hotel; it was an apartment “tower” that still stands to this day at the corner of Woodley and Connecticut. Like so many other structures, the building was considered a “folly” as it was being built. It was thought to be too far from the city center. It was a critique that was proved wrong, for as soon as it opened its doors the hotel was filled to capacity. At the time of construction, 1916, hotels were what modern apartments are today. And so, although the Wardman was the largest hotel in Washington (and one of the ten largest in the country at the time), it soon became the nucleus of the social and political scene in Washington. When it opened the hotel had 1200 rooms, one of the largest lobbies in the entire world, a billiard room, and baths that could ac- commodate many more than the existing baths on the The lobby bar at the Marriott Wardman Park (Courtesy of Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel) Capitol for use by members of Congress. Wardman’s passion was such that he torn down his own home to make room for the tower while his wife was in Paris on vacation. The lobby and entrance at the Marriott Wardman Park (Courtesy of Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel) Harry Wardman more than any other person, cre- ated what is today a legacy of grand, elegant design W that still reigns supreme in the nation’s capital. In 1938 hen real estate agents describe a property as he died just as his second stab at wealth and design a “Wardman” it is a reference to Harry Ward- was beginning to take flight for the second time. man. Wardman was one of the pioneers of great To this day, the Wardman Tower stands. It remains architectural living in Washington, credited with home to some of the finest suites in all of Washington building well over 80,000 units from the early 1900’s DC. Its surrounding gardens and grand entrance make to 1938. His impact is most evident in Columbia the Marriott Wardman Park one of the most popular Heights, Brightwood, Kalorama and, finally, in wedding destinations. Woodley Park. His attention to detail, fine materi- als, architectural design, as well as a desire to www.Marriott.com create not just great, but awesome buildings is still Tel +1.202.328.2000 something that designers emulate to this very day. 289 Best of DC Best of DC 12 The Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (Courtesy of Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel)