Blending Science & Nature                                             T   he Alchimie Forever skin care line is the
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U 4 (Alchimie Forever)


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U 4 (Alchimie Forever)

  1. 1. Blending Science & Nature T he Alchimie Forever skin care line is the Destress Centers creation of the Polla family. Dr. Luigi Polla, a dermatologist and European leader in the field of cosmetic laser therapy, is an expert on skin Doctors Luigi and Barbara Polla created the Alchimie Forever aging. Dr. Barbara Polla, a leader in biomedical line to blend science and nature, sensorial pleasure and visual research on antioxidants and stress proteins, is chic, dermatological expertise and gentle daily care. 100% made a specialist in cellular aging. in Switzerland. Dermatologist-formulated, Alchimie Forever In 1997, they opened Forever Laser Institut products, all named after lasers, yield visible results while being in Geneva, Switzerland, the first fully-integrated infused with combinations of antioxidant botanicals. Blueberries, European medical spa, dedicated to beauty, rosemary, green tea, grapes, tomatoes, turmeric… health, and wellbeing. Then, in 2000, to advance and extend the healing and preventive benefits achieved at Forever Laser Institut, they launched the Alchimie Forever product line for daily use. In parallel, the Polla family shares a passion for contemporary art, and created in 1991, also in Geneva, the avant-garde gallery Analix Forever, dedicated to the discovery and promotion of talented young artists worldwide. The driving force behind the business’ growth and development is Ada Polla, President and CEO, who was recently featured on the cover of Business Week Small Biz. Ada manages an international team of 8, has developed the line’s brand and visibility, has established international distribution for the products (securing flagship retailers such as Henri Bendel in New York, Sephora in France), and has driven the company’s double-digit annual revenue growth. Ada has professional experience in consulting and product management in the medical device industry. She is on the editorial board of PCI Magazine, a committee member of the International Spa Association, a contributor to numerous magazines, and a frequent guest speaker at leading universities and industry conferences. A long-time resident of DC, Ada is very active in the community, having founded the Network of Entrepreneurial Women to support women in the region starting their own businesses. About Alchimie Forever, Ada says: “We develop our products sensually, paying great attention to our textures and fragrances. Our delicate aromas Forever Laser Institut, Geneva Switzerland relax you, while never irritating your skin or competing with your perfume. Our luxurious textures glide on smoothly, leaving a silky finish. Skin care is about efficacy, but also about pleasure, about making time for one-self, about pampering.” Ada graduated in the top 5% of her MBA class at Georgetown University in 2004 and received her Magna cum Laude BA at Harvard University in art history and political science in 1999. Tel +1.202.530.3930 275 Best of DC Ada Polla, President & CEO