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M 7 (Paragon Tech)

  1. 1. Leading a Winning Team Paragon has developed repeatable methodologies, tools, and processes to Innovation - Methodology paragon provide IT Governance planning, policy, Portfolio Management, and Project/Program Maturity Assessment to any organization. These were based on their years of technology group inc. experience working with private sector CIOs, that selecting the right IT investment Paragon has been on the frontline of Government Transformation and managing these investments successfully was the hardest part of the CIO’s job. IT Governance/PMO practice uses methodologies and processes that can and has reshaped the way government agencies look at allow organizations as large and complex as Department of Treasury manage their management consulting as a partner in their transformation $3 billion portfolio in a structured manner. This structure, conforming with Clinger- efforts. Paragon’s leadership has been instrumental in Cohen Act/ OMB guidelines, provides the CIO the form and function to operate supporting this transformation process. at the tactical level. Governance and PMO Support - Paragon has developed its unique methodology/ Walter McCollum is excited to discuss 2009 Corporate Quality Assurance initiatives on conference call framework for providing enterprise governance and PMO support called ePMOds™. ePMOds™ is designed to provide an organization with a framework for standing up an Enterprise PMO and for establishing and institutionalizing a governance and Program Management process. IV&V – Paragon has combined the best practices of IEEE 1012 and PMI PMBOK™ into a single comprehensive and full-lifecycle IV&V process called SPIRE™, best suited for performing IV&V on large and complex IT projectsOur process is easily adaptable to any application implementation from new development involving custom software or COTS solutions. Business Intelligence – Paragon has brought industry experts in the area of Business Intelligence to the corporation and established a core practice around all of today’s modern Business Intelligence tool sets. Financial Management – Paragon has developed a unique process called PICTURE™ designed to make sense out of the complex requirements of Sarbanes Oxley governance requirements for the Federal sector (A-123) Enterprise Business Modernization – Paragon is a leader in the transformation of business process in the federal government, having supported the US Treasury’s modernization of their IT infrastructure implementing their balanced score card processes and assign their internal program management structure using OPM3 as a guideline. For the Department of Defense United States Transportation Command Paragon assists them in the establishment of the new distribution process that will more effectively support our US fighting forces. Dr. Kimiavi and Ms. Hashemian, as first generation immigrants to the US, left their home country during political turmoil and faced obstacles such as learning a new language and a new culture on top of the formidable ones that exist for every new business. They responded by building a nationally recognized corporation and a top-caliber team, recruiting the best and the brightest, empowering them to achieve in the belief that performance in the end will outweigh any other barriers or obstacles. With no contacts in the Government or alliances with large Government integrators, they established a company that has become a leader in the Government professional services industry. The company has become a success through perseverance, persistency, and drive to line up partners and establish relationships within the targeted agencies Paragon has grown over 10 folds since 2004, managed organically and without any institutional funding, earning it an award as one of the Top Businesses of the Year Gazelle Hashemian meets with the NARA team to discuss NARA’s enhanced operational procedures. (photo by Jiro Akiyama - images courtesy of Paragon Technology Group) D by Minority Business magazine. Employees are encouraged to contribute beyond r. Sassan Kimiavi founded Paragon in 1997 and was joined by Bobby Kimiavi is interrupted for an impromptu photo while reviewing Paragon invoices before they are sent out their position in the company, and new and innovative approaches to corporate and Gazelle Hashemian in 2001. Paragon was certified as a Small customer problems are openly solicited. The company strives to identify young NARA - National Archives and Records Administration Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and 8(a) business, was awarded a GSA achievers, assigning them more seasoned professionals to work with and to OCC - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency IT-70 federal contract, and developed a market strategy centered on the mentor them in the company and in the business of professional services. NHLBI - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute CLIENTS Government initiatives for excellence in Government and Government Ms. Hashemian, as an active member of the Women In Technology (WIT) Special NIH - National Institute of Health accountability/Governance. Interest Group, helps new female entrepreneurs as well as Women-in-Government. DHS - Department of Homeland Security In 2002, Paragon established five major Practice areas: IT Paragon’s favorite charities include Doctors Without Borders, Relief International, PBGC - Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Governance and PMO support, Business Intelligence, Financial Save Darfur, Innocence at Risk, St. Jude Hospital, and NIH’s Children Inn. CMS - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Management Services, Quality management / IV&V, and Enterprise TRANSCOM - United States Transportation Command Modernization/Transformation. Paragon has been on the frontline of www.ParagonTech.net Government Transformation, reshaping the way government agencies Tel +1.703.734.71102 look at management consulting as a partner in their transformation efforts. 166 Best of DC Best of DC 167