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Mobile App Development Telford College


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This is a Presentation given by Lisa Dawson of Edinburgh Telford College at an event on mobile app development held on 22nd August 2012, and attended by Scotland's Colleges, Higher Education IT Directors Scotland (HEIDS) and the Confederation of Scottish University and Research Libraries (SCURL).

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Mobile App Development Telford College

  1. 1. Apps to enable the learner journey Lisa Dawson
  2. 2. Our vision…• Recognising the drive towards mobile technologies Edinburgh’s Telford aims to develop apps to support and enable the learner journey
  3. 3. The beginning• A drive to do something different• Create a useful and reusable app• Engaging with a partner• Engaging with students for functionality and design
  4. 4. The first release• Version 1 was released in October 2011 to both i-phone and android platforms• Key functions included a personal timetable, interactive diary, ability to record absence, contact key departments• Significant cost saving was generated through not printing the student handbook
  5. 5. Look and feel of version 1
  6. 6. Challenges & Successes• Successes• First app of its type in the UK FE market• i-Tech award winner 2012• Challenges• Log in• Pushing the boundaries
  7. 7. Redesign for 2012• Why redesign?• New features
  8. 8. New visuals• New visuals
  9. 9. Future development• Augmented reality• Utilising NFC (near field communication)• Current project• Audience for our app
  10. 10. Questions?• Contact details: -•• Mobile 07736 497522