New ways of doing business at McCormick Plac


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New ways of doing business at McCormick Plac

  1. 1. “New Ways of Doing Business at McCormick Place” Friday, January 20 12:00 pm CSTPresented by the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) and the Metropolitan Pier and Exhibition Authority (MPEA) Sponsored by Global Experience Specialists (GES)
  2. 2. New Ways of Doing Business at McCormick Place Moderator Chuck Grouzard ESCA President Sr Vice President National Sales Global Experience Specialists (GES)Panelists David Causton Doug Van Ort John Patronski General Manager Sr Vice President Executive Vice President McCormick Place Freeman Global Experience Specialists (GES)
  3. 3. New Ways of Doing Business…No other venue in the United States hasaccomplished the transformation that McCormickPlace has gone through in the last 18 months… • Passed law changing way we operate • Created an Expanded Straight Time Window • Expanded “Exhibitor Rights” • Changed Electrical to a non-exclusive service
  4. 4. New Ways of Doing Business… • Reduced Food Prices… • 10% catering • 20% concessions • Reduced Crew Sizes • Established an ASUV (POV) program • Refinanced our debt • Started Hyatt Hotel expansion • Created a Labor Advisory Council
  5. 5. New Ways of Doing Business… • Reduced cost to park in Lot B • Provided free Wi-Fi • Privatized the management of McCormick Place by contracting with SMG Worldwide • Picked Savor as the new catering company • Made electrical services open and subject to competition, with show organizers deciding on contractor (Edlen, Freeman, GES)
  6. 6. A Bump in the Road…• Many meetings, discussions and negotiation sessions ensued for over 18 months with all involved parties.• In the midst of the negotiating and meetings the Carpenters and Teamsters filed suit against MPEA for violating the existing collective bargaining agreements (CBA) with contractors.
  7. 7. Clearing the Road…In Fall of 2011 all parties finally came together andworked out solutions to the issues…• In November 2011 the proposed solutions go back to Illinois Legislature to pass cleaned-up legislation• Governor signs legislation into law• Circuit Court Drops its process
  8. 8. What are the changes…Exhibitor Rights• Exhibitor personnel may perform many functions on the exhibition floor, with no limit to booth size, as long as they are full-time employees of the exhibiting company.
  9. 9. Exhibitor Rights…Display Labor, Signs, Graphics & Props• Setting-up and dismantling exhibits with the use of exhibitor-owned tools, i.e. ladders, hand tools, cordless tools, and power tools.• Installing all signs (excluding overhead ceiling signs), graphics, props, balloons, other decorative items and exhibitor drapery, including the skirting of exhibitor-owned tables.
  10. 10. Exhibitor Rights…Machinery & Equipment• Assembling and disassembling materials, machinery or equipment with the use of exhibitor-owned tools, i.e. ladders, hand tools, cordless tools and power tools.• Skidding, positioning and re-skidding all exhibitor material, machinery and equipment using non-motorized hand trucks and dollies.
  11. 11. Exhibitor Rights…Electrical & Audiovisual• Delivering, setting-up, plugging in, interconnecting and operating exhibitor- owned electrical equipment, computers, audio- visual devices and other equipment
  12. 12. Exhibitor Rights…Call by Name• An exhibitor or event organizer may request by name specific union employees to provide labor services on Authority premises consistent with all state and federal laws.• Union employees requested by an exhibitor shall take priority over union employees requested by an event organizer.
  13. 13. Exhibitor Rights…Must Be Full Time Employees• Full time employees are defined as any company employee who has been working at the company for at least six (6) months before the show opening date.
  14. 14. Exhibitor Rights…Safety Restrictions• Exhibitors and their employees are not allowed to use scaffolding, forklifts, pallet jacks, scooters, condors, scissors lifts, motorized dollies or similar motorized or hydraulic equipment to set or dismantle displays or to load, unload or transport materials.
  15. 15. Exhibitor Rights…Automobile & Small Utility Vehicle (POV)Self Unloading• The Authority shall designate areas, in its discretion, where exhibitors may unload and load exhibitor materials from privately owned vehicles (POV) with the use of non-motorized hand trucks and dollies.• Privately owned vehicles (POV) means the vehicles owned by show exhibitors or event organizers, excluding commercially registered trucks, vans and other vehicles as determined by the
  16. 16. Exhibitor Rights…Straight Time Window• Monday through Friday for any consecutive 8 hour period during the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm (except carpenters/display labor). After any consecutive 8 hour period, time and one half (overtime) is applicable.• Show management determines published set-up and dismantle times. Traditional times are set for 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (first 8 hours).
  17. 17. Exhibitor Rights…Straight Time Window (cont’)• Monday through Friday, between Midnight and 6:00 am union employees shall be paid Double Time. This does NOT apply to the Carpenters union. Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm is Straight Time.• If the union employee is being paid Straight Time during 6:00 am and 10:00 pm it will be invoiced at Straight Time in accordance with the legislation.
  18. 18. Exhibitor Rights…Break of Show• Monday through Friday, first 8 hours up to 10:00 pm is Straight Time (except for Carpenters).• Carpenters first 8 hours up to 8:30 pm is Straight Time.
  19. 19. Exhibitor Rights…Crew Sizes• Crew sizes for any task or operation shall not exceed two (2) persons unless, after consultation with the Advisory Council, the Authority determines otherwise based on the task, skills and training required to perform the task and on safety.  Hanging signs  In-Booth forklift labor
  20. 20. Exhibitor Rights…Other Changes with New Legislation• Holidays - Reduction in the number of holidays from 10 to 8/6• Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Overtime has reverted back to individual Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)
  21. 21. What Have We Accomplished?Today Chicago is a much better place todo business in… • less hassles • more flexibility • more choices • lower costs
  22. 22. Thank You! …for your time, interest and support of Chicago!