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Cumberlandian Mussel Types


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This presentation was given by Gerald Dinkins, Curator of Malacology, McClung Museum, and mussel expert, Steven A. Ahlstedt, at the 2010 Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society workshop, held in St. Louis, Missouri. The purpose of the workshop was to was to provide participants with an overview of the mussel fauna within each ecological region in North America. In conjunction with the presentations, a “hands on” demonstration was given to small groups of attendants to the workshop, of the shells occurring in the Cumberlandian Faunal Region. Each participant was allowed to examine and handle representative shells (all were from the Paul W. Parmalee Malacological Collection at the Frank H. McClung Museum, University of Tennessee, Knoxville), and given a workbook describing in detail each species endemic to this region.

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Cumberlandian Mussel Types

  1. 1. Cumberlandian Mussels And Similar Looking SpeciesSteven A. Ahlstedt and Gerald R. Dinkins
  2. 2. Overview of Cumberlandian Mussel Fauna RegionTwo Primary River Systems: Currently Recognized Species:Tennessee and Cumberland 42 Seven States: Number Presumed Extinct: North Carolina 10 Tennessee Virginia Number Federal Endangered: Georgia 22 Alabama Mississippi Number Federal Candidate: Kentucky 2
  3. 3. Similar Species: 1a. Actinonaias ligamentina1. Actinonaias pectorosa 1b. Villosa taeniata
  4. 4. Similar Species: 2a. Alasmidonta raveneliana 2b. Alasmidonta marginata2. Alasmidonta atropurpurea 2c. Strophitus undulatus
  5. 5. Similar Species: 3a. Alasmidonta atropurpurea 3b. Alasmidonta marginata3. Alasmidonta raveneliana 3c. Strophitus undulatus
  6. 6. Similar Species:4. Anodontoides denigrata 4a. Anodontoides ferussacianus
  7. 7. Similar Species: 5a. Cyprogenia stegaria5. Dromus dromas
  8. 8. Male Similar Species: NoneFemale 6. Epioblasma brevidens
  9. 9. Similar Species: Male MaleFemale Female 7. Epioblasma capsaeformis 7a. Epioblasma florentina walkeri
  10. 10. Similar Species: Male MaleFemale Female 8a. Epioblasma capsaeformis 8. Epioblasma ahlstedti
  11. 11. Similar Species:Male MaleFemale Female9. Epioblasma florentina walkeri 9a. Epioblasma capsaeformis
  12. 12. Similar Species: Male MaleFemale Female 10. Epioblasma florentina aureola 10a. Epioblasma capsaeformis
  13. 13. Similar Species: 11a. Fusconaia cuneolus 11b. Pleuronaia barnesiana11. Fusconaia cor 11c. Pleuronaia dolabelloides
  14. 14. Similar Species: 12a. Fusconaia cor 12b. Fusconaia subrotunda12. Fusconaia cuneolus 12c. Pleuronaia barnesiana 12d. Pleuronaia dolabelloides
  15. 15. Similar Species: 13a. Lampsilis teres13. Lampsilis virescens 13b. Lampsilis fasciola
  16. 16. Similar Species:14. Lasmigona holstonia 14a. Strophitus undulatus
  17. 17. Similar Species: Male NoneFemale 15. Lemiox rimosus
  18. 18. Similar Species:16. Medionidus conradicus 16a. Villosa iris
  19. 19. Similar Species: MaleFemale 17a. Alasmidonta viridis 17. Pegias fabula
  20. 20. Similar Species: 18a. Pleurobema clava 18b. Pleuronaia barnesiana18. Pleurobema oviforme 18c. Pleuronaia dolabelloides
  21. 21. Similar Species: 19a. Fusconaia cor 19b. Fusconaia cuneolus19. Pleuronaia barnesiana 19c. Fusconaia subrotunda 19d. Pleuronaia dolabelloides 19e. Pleurobema oviforme
  22. 22. Similar Species: 20a. Fusconaia cor 20b. Fusconaia cuneolus20. Pleuronaia dolabelloides 20c. Pleuronaia barnesiana 20d. Pleurobema oviforme
  23. 23. Similar Species: 21a. Pleuronaia barnesiana21. Pleuronaia gibberum
  24. 24. Similar Species: 22a. Lasmigona costata22. Ptychobranchus subtentum
  25. 25. Similar Species:23. Quadrula cylindrica strigillata 23a. Quadrula cylindrica cylindrica
  26. 26. Similar Species:24. Quadrula intermedia 24a. Quadrula sparsa
  27. 27. Similar Species: 25a. Quadrula intermedia25. Quadrula sparsa 25a. Quadrula metanevra
  28. 28. Similar Species: Male Male Female 26a. Toxolasma lividumFemale Male Female 26. Toxolasma 26b. Villosa vanuxemensis cylindrellus
  29. 29. Similar Species:MaleFemale 27a. Villosa iris 27. Venustaconcha sima
  30. 30. Similar Species:28. Villosa perpurpurea 28a. Villosa trabalis
  31. 31. Similar Species: 29a. Villosa perpurpurea29. Villosa trabalis
  32. 32. Similar Species: 30a. Actinonaias pectorosa30. Villosa taeniata 30b. Villosa iris
  33. 33. Similar Species:Male Male FemaleFemale 31a. Toxolasma lividum 31. Villosa vanuxemensis
  34. 34. Similar Species: 32a. Villosa iris32. Villosa sp.
  35. 35. Acknowledgements• Lindsay M. Kromer – University of Tennessee, Frank H. McClung Museum• Dr. Jeff Chapman – University of Tennessee, Frank H. McClung Museum• Dr. Art Bogan – North Carolina Museum of Natural History