Discussion on EnMS - PPT by Mr.Velan


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Discussion on EnMS - PPT by Mr.Velan

  1. 1. Energy Management – The case of a strategic Initiative
  2. 2. AgendaLet me take it up with Ramanujan IT City’s experience on EnMS with the following 3 questionsand its response……..• WHY EnMS• HOW did we implement the same• WHAT IS THAT WE ACCHIEVED SO FAR..
  3. 3. Why EnMS – 50001 is a strategic Intervention• Ramanujan IT city is a multi tenanted complex where the operation cost is significant.• Initial investment of 10% on project cost has been made on green initiatives at the construction stage. But what is more important is the operation cost.• Power is a major input resource for the TRILs function as a service provider for property and infrastructure management..• Generation and O&M of power is becoming increasingly critical as the major share in the Operation cost is cost of power.
  4. 4. Why EnMS – 50001 is a strategic InterventionShare of Power in Operation Operation Costs 22% Other cost Power cost 78%
  5. 5. Why EnMS – 50001 is a strategic Intervention• 26 MW of installed Capacity , at full scale operation is expected generate CO2 emissions around 63000 t / year.• Sustainability is a critical issue that needs to be addressed.• The strategic options available are …
  6. 6. Why EnMS – 50001 is a strategic InterventionOptions for Energy Strategy Sustainable Energy Energy Renewable Energy Efficiency Consumption Wind – 6 Process Cr/MW Efficiency Waste Solar – 10-15 Energy Cr / MW Recovery Tidal Biomass Energy Management System - EnMS Waste To Energy
  7. 7. Why EnMS – 50001 is a strategic Intervention.• It is not suffice to look at alternate low carbon energy sources but to look at energy efficiency.• Investments in Energy efficiency is expected to result in a pay back of less than 5 years for the developer end-user combine.• EnMS is a decisive step in this direction.
  8. 8. HOW – The implementation Journey • Ramanujan IT city / TRIL was certified for IMS in June 2011 immediately after which the EnMS was taken up. • The EnMS certification was completed in march 2012. • The EnMS was also integrated with the IMS. • The scope was for Ramanujan IT city project which is of 4.5 million sft.
  9. 9. HOW – The implementation Journey Power Source 666580 Kwh Generator 100 % Block U Block CHVAC Support Common Common HVAC Tenant Lifts Utilities Lighting Lighting Lighting•Chillers •DGs •Tertiary•Primary FPS PumpPump •WTP•Secondary •STPPump•CondenserPump•CoolingTower Energy ProfileHVAC -266498 Common Lighting Tenant Lighting 23218640% 167896 – 25% 35% 25%
  10. 10. HOW – The implementation Journey ENMS – Frame Work Energy Efficiency, Energy conservation. Clean Above 300units /day Energy Policy Energy, Energy at purchase and Design Chillers , Pumps, Cooling Tower, Lighting and power Load Energy Review Significant Energy Use Energy Objectives and Action Operation Controls/KPIs Plans Internal Audits MRM
  11. 11. WHAT – IS ACHIEVED SOFAR• Bench Marking for critical energy parameters started.• Possibility too coach team members to contribute better for energy efficiency• Clarity of Roles and responsibilities and expectations• Issues related to HVACs diagnosed and corrective taken.• Focus n energy management has given better sales advantage.
  12. 12. THANK YOU