Criminal justice updated


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Criminal justice updated

  1. 1. Collaborating with CorrectionalSystem on Discharge Planning Athena Morrow, LCPC Wendy Miller-Cochran, LCSW-C
  2. 2. A Walk through the Jail Process
  3. 3. Getting Arrested• CPU / Commissioner • Released on bond • Or • Get booked • (Suicide Screening by CPU officer, booking officer and medical staff)
  4. 4. If Booked… (Bond Hearing at 1:00 pm)• Assessments/Screenings • Pre-Trial Services Unit (PTSU) • CATS • Public Defender • Medical• Is inmate a good candidate for Diversion ?• Is inmate risk free and okay for general population?• What services does the inmate need - referrals
  5. 5. Diversion to the Community • Pre-Booking (street/CPU) • Post-Booking • At bond Hearing • At Trial • At Sentencing • MH Diversion Pilot (small scale) • Primary MH diagnosis • MC resident/homeless • Recidivist • Non Violent Misdemeanor
  6. 6. Diversion Example (they are all different)• Chronically/severely mentally ill consumer, stable, RRP resident• Highly compliant with complicated prescription combination• Quickly decompensates without meds• While on weekend pass at home assaults family member and gets charged with a felony assault– on a Saturday night !!!• Provider was aware of our services & contacted us and jail staff• Communication was facilitated• Meds were smoothly prescribed & administered• Inmate was sent to CIU for safe housing over the weekend• Monday morning • CATS & Pre-Trial collaborated • Provider was contacted to secure bed space & transport • Arrangements we made for bed to bed transfer • The bench was presented with a diversion recommendation • The release order was signed in a way that facilitated his release directly to the provider• CATS coordinated all aspects of discharge within the institution
  7. 7. Everybody Goes Sooner or Later• Crisis Intervention Unit (C.I.U)• Jail Addiction Services (J.A.S)• Choices for Change (CFC) –Previously known as MRT• G.E.D + High School• Work• etc
  8. 8. Re-Entry Partners (the dream team)• DOCR• CATS• PATH
  9. 9. Why Re-Entry??? Typical Re-Entry Client Needs:• Discharge medications (physical and psychotropic)• Ongoing Mental Health Treatment• Substance Abuse Treatment• Domestic Violence Programs• Shelter / Housing Referrals• Food Stamps and Food Bank• Access to Medical Care• Employment and educational programs• Supportive Services for Family• Benefits• ID cards• Etc……
  10. 10. Criteria• Pending release (30-60 days)• No Barriers to Release (i.e. detainers, state prison sentences, Pre-Release Center placement, other pending legal matters, etc)• No other case managers actively involved (PEP, Drug Court, etc)• Internal tracking and assignment decision tree (just FYI) • DOCR Re-Entry – Sentenced, voluntary participation (can be resident of other jurisdictions) • PATH – MC homeless & Primary MH diagnosis • CATS – MC residents, receiving BH services while incarcerated
  11. 11. Important Contacts• DOCR Arrest/ Discharge Distribution List• Commissioner (301) 610-7217• CATS (240) 777-9846 Athena Morrow (240) 777-9847 Travis Brown (240) 777-1518• PATH (currently vacant) (240) 777-3353• DOCR Re-Entry • Wendy Miller-Cochran (240) 773-9982• Records Dept (240) 777- 9732• Medical MCDC –Rockville (240) 777-9774• Medical MCCF - Boyds (240) 773-9814• CIU Officer Station (240) 777-9760• Pre-Trial Unit (240) 777-9830• JAS - Larry Wilson (240) 773-9732