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Mc3 lib orientation-welcome

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Mc3 lib orientation-welcome

  1. 1. MC3 Libraries Welcome to the Libraries of Montgomery County Community College Welcome
  2. 2. MC3 Libraries We are different from public and school libraries. The MC3 Libraries are academic libraries specially created to support your classes and assignments. Using our resources will help you succeed in your class projects. Different by design
  3. 3. MC3 Libraries …a wide range of research and popular materials including fiction and non-fiction books, specialty encyclopedia and reference collections, magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. We also have audiovisual resources including DVDs and CDs. We offer
  4. 4. MC3 Libraries Because as you do research for your assignments, it is important you use reliable sources. Sources at your library go through academic and editorial review before they are published so you can count on them! Use these resources
  5. 5. MC3 Libraries Our main floor features a wide range of general and subject-based encyclopedias, handbooks, and dictionaries. These reference books can provide background information and ideas for narrowing your topic and doing further research. Read our research tutorials for details! Where to start?
  6. 6. MC3 Libraries Many resources available in our libraries are also available online via our library website! You will find tens of thousands of academic journal, magazine and newspaper articles, e-books, online encyclopedias, streaming video, and more! Access from home
  7. 7. MC3 Libraries Need Help? Ask Us! We have a team of librarians here to help you in your studies. There are 4 ways to reach a librarian!
  8. 8. MC3 Libraries One Stop by the Research Desk Main Entrance Meet a Librarian Here!
  9. 9. MC3 Libraries Two Call Us! Brendlinger Library (215) 641-6594 West Campus Library (610) 718-1864
  10. 10. MC3 Libraries Three Email Us! refdesk
  11. 11. MC3 Libraries Four IM Chat! Just click this button! MC3 Librarian: Hi! How can we help?