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Mc3 lib orientation-av


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Mc3 lib orientation-av

  1. 1. MC3 Libraries Welcome to the Audiovisual Library Welcome
  2. 2. MC3 Libraries The AV Library offers  Educational videos on subjects taught at MC3 as well as classic, popular, and foreign movies.  Music from classical and jazz to rock and folk.  Math preparation and English language kits.  Fiction and non-fiction audiobooks.  Viewing stations for audio and video.
  3. 3. MC3 Libraries Main Entrance On Main Floor Turn right from the main entrance. We’re just outside the library café! Where?
  4. 4. MC3 Libraries Borrowing AV items  DVDs, CD-ROMs, and kits may be borrowed for 7 days. Late fee is $1 per item per day.  Music CDs and Audiobooks may be borrowed for 3 weeks. Late fee is 10 cents per item per day.
  5. 5. MC3 Libraries Watch programs here  The AV Library is equipped DVD and Videotape players, and computers which will play CD-ROMs, and CDs.  Headsets for quiet listening and viewing are available at the main circulation desk.
  6. 6. MC3 Libraries Films on Demand is like Netflix for education! The more than 20,000 streaming titles for your class projects! Click “Video” in the “I’m Looking For…” box. Both userID and password is “montgomery” Videos from home
  7. 7. MC3 Libraries From our website, click “Search Books & DVDs” then select “AV Only” drop-down menu. Here you can search our collections by title, subject and more. Where to start?
  8. 8. MC3 Libraries To find DVDs Once you find the DVD, write down the shelf location number. We can help you find it here at the library. To access online videos Click the “link” button to open the video in a new window. At home you will log in with your college ID and password.
  9. 9. MC3 Libraries Need Help? Ask Us! The AV staff can help you find the best audiovisual materials. Just ask!