Introduction to Open Arms


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Introduction to Open Arms

  1. 1.  The Open Arms Concept...Touching Families with God’s Word of LoveThrough Christian Early Childhood Ministry Copyright ©2006, 2011 by the Open Arms Institute, Inc. Loveland, Colorado All rights reserved.
  2. 2. The Open Arms Concept... The Beginning The Leaders Rev. Dr. Robert Scudieri Rev. Dr. Philip Kuehnert The Partners Ascension Lutheran Church, Atlanta, GA The English District of the LCMS The Lutheran Church Extension Fund 22
  3. 3. The Open Arms Concept... The Beginning Rev. Kevin Elseroad, founding pastor of Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church, Alpharetta, GA, and his wife Bonnie, long time director of their Open Arms ministry 33
  4. 4. The Open Arms Concept... The Beginning The first building of the first new mission with an Open Arms child development ministry 44
  5. 5. The Open Arms Concept... God has blessed the work. The present facilities of that first new mission, Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church 55
  6. 6. The Open Arms Concept... The Open Arms Institute has been blessed by the help and support of… • Our LCMS Department of Missions • The Lutheran Church Extension Fund • LCMS Department of Parish Services • Our Districts and Congregations • The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League More people are enjoying life with God, by His grace, through the work of His Holy Spirit 66
  7. 7. The Open Arms Concept... Childcare?? Really??? • Childcare - a growing practice in our culture and time. We may debate its merits, but the practice is growing. Many, many children are being cared for outside of the home. • Who is caring for all of these children? • Why not God’s family, the Church? What an opportunity to heed Christs beckoning, "Let the little children come to Me.” 77
  8. 8. The Open Arms Concept... Christian Child Care Ministry… What does this mean?  Ages - 6 wks to 5 yrs, plus extended care for school age children  Hours - All day, as needed  Part time and full time care  Breakfast, lunch, and snacks  Age-appropriate curriculum for all aspects of child growth and development.  Fully licensed, and meeting all state requirements  National accreditation 88
  9. 9. The Open Arms Concept... Christian Child Care Ministry… What does this mean?  Joining with parents to help families grow in their life with God  Standing in for Jesus to take children in our arms and bless them  Living out God’s Word and God’s mission in and for the families of our community  Helping children learn about God’s love and His marvelous creation  Helping children discover their gifts and abilities, and how to use them to serve their Creator and their world 99
  10. 10. The Open Arms Concept... Christian Child Care Ministry… What does this mean?  A separate congregational board, or at least a sub-committee, to provide proper governance and guidance  A large staff in ministry together  Gifted and experienced manage- ment skills needed  A budget that doubles or triples in size  New opportunities for members to become involved in ministry  New faces in worship 1010
  11. 11. The Open Arms Concept... Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Open Arms Child Development Center – Clayton, NC Another new congregation begun with a Christian early childhood center. These children are learning to know their Savior, and to enjoy life with Him. 1111
  12. 12. The Open Arms Concept... Ministry at a second site, in a new neighborhood, begun by Ascension Lutheran Church, Wichita, 1212 Kansas.
  13. 13. The Open Arms Concept...To reach the familiesin Ashburn, VA withhis new congrega-tion, Rev. Bill Mannand his people beganan Open Arms Christ-ian early childhoodprogram in 1999.God has blessed theirefforts.13
  14. 14. The Open Arms Concept...Today… Licensed toserve more than 500children, ages 6 weeksto 10 years, with avariety of full time andpart time care. Allthose families are beingtouched by the warmthof God’s love, day byday. Children are meeting Jesus, learning to know Him, and to enjoy life under His loving care. Teachers are growing in faith also.14
  15. 15. The Open Arms Concept... Our Savior’s Way – Ashburn, VA Pastor Mann and his growing congregation are privileged to worship in the new sanctuary they’ve added. Not every new mission congregation with an Open Arms center has enjoyed this level of success. But more than 25 are now bringing God’s Word to their communities. In addition, many more existing congregations have added a Christian early childhood ministry to enhance their Gospel outreach. 1515
  16. 16. The Open Arms Concept... Zion Lutheran Church - Fairbanks, Alaska Began an Open Arms center on this second site in 2000. Later built the new sanctuary here (left), and relocated the congregation. 1616
  17. 17. The Open Arms Concept... It hasn’t been ALL success. T • Failed to do Market Research. • Leased an existing facility. Could not overcome the horrible image remaining from previous users. • Probably in the wrong location. • Radon problems. 1717
  18. 18. The Open Arms Concept... Resurrection Lutheran Church and Open Arms Center Sioux Falls, SD Attended an Open Arms conference in 2007. Began operating April 1, 2010. Now over 100 enrolled. 1818
  19. 19. The Open Arms Concept... Immanuel Lutheran Church, Glenview, IL Closed their school in 2001, due to the changing community and declining cong. Attended an Open Arms conference in 2004. Did some remodeling, and Today they serve more than 100 children. The began their Open congregation is growing again, and the members Arms center in have found joy and purpose in their service to the January 2007. community. 1919
  20. 20. The Open Arms Concept... God’s Word... - …is both the POWER and the PROCESS • for winning souls • for nurturing the family of faith The Open Arms concept offers a congregation the means to touch a community more effectively with the power of that Word. 2020
  21. 21. The Open Arms Concept... An Open Arms Conference… A great way to begin. Check the web for information. 2121
  22. 22. The Open Arms Concept... God is using us to grant life and hope. Please call on us if we can be of service. We are eager to work with you to reach more families in your community with the Word of God’s love for us? Rev. Dr. Philip Kuehnert Ph.: 757-603-2247 127 Shoal Creek Williamsburg, VA 23188 Dr. Martin Barlau Ph.: 970-667-3249 2229 Scotch Pine Ct., Loveland, CO 80538 Web: 2222