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Cleanse and detoxification may 22, 2012


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Cleanse and detoxification may 22, 2012

  1. 1.  Air Water Skin Medications Food - Caffeine Refined Sugar Asparatame Pesticides
  2. 2.  Respiratory – lungs, sinuses & nose Gastrointestinal – liver, gallbladder & colon Urinary – bladder & kidneys Skin & Dermal – sweat & tears Lymphatic – exercise & dry brushing
  3. 3. Symptoms: Fatigue & low energy Gas & bloating & impaired digestion Excess weight & protruding belly Food allergies & yeast infections Irritability, headaches Constipation, irritable bowel Food cravings & skin problems
  4. 4.  Spring & Fall due to weather changes. Use caution when cleansing – only once in a while – not at a stressful time. Clean diet while cleansing - No alcohol. Extra water to flush toxins. General maintenance.
  5. 5.  When the colon doesn’t do its job, all organs suffer. Un-eliminated waste materials soak back through the colon wall into the lymph glands. When these glands become overloaded with toxins, disease will set in.
  6. 6. For Constipation & Irregularity
  7. 7.  Before going to bed: Take 3 Tablespoons of All Natural Fibre Food & drink mix in a glass of purified water and 3 – 5 Neo Lax. Upon rising in the morning: Drink one glass of purified water. Continue this until bowel movements are regular.
  8. 8. Aloe Vera is used world wide in natural beverages andtraditional remedies. The soothing Aloe Vera plant hasbeen used both topically and internally for about 4,000years to support health, stamina, and vitality.Research is beginning to validate many traditional usesof this succulent plant including internal use to supportgastrointestinal health, a strong immune system, andnormal blood sugar levels, and to help preventinflammation.
  9. 9.  For General Toning of Digestive System Sip slowly 2 oz. of Aloe Vera Plus, swish around mouth & swallow. Do this 1 – 3 time per day between meals.
  10. 10.  Deals with daily stress. GNLD’s Aloe Vera Plus features pure Aloe Vera juice, GNLD’s special 3X Herbal Tea Blend (ginseng “nature’s energizer” plus chamomile and passion flower to calm and relax), important electrolytes and vitamin C. A “glycemic edge” beverage, Aloe Vera Plus is a delicious, natural way to revitalize so you can best meet the physical and mental challenges of your day.
  11. 11.  Juice of ½ of a fresh lemon first thing in the morning. Wait 20 minutes before eating. Gentle cleanse for liver.
  12. 12.  Most people don’t like the idea of parasites living within them, but to discard this fact would be to live in denial. Parasites and their bacteria do live within us and in some cases in great numbers. They have lived within us, in symbiosis since the beginning of time. Back then, we would ingest them in our food and the hydrochloric acid in our stomach killed them, or when their lifespan was spent, they simply died.
  13. 13.  Today, chemical and solvents in our organs, and the lack of sufficient hydrochloric acid (due to the consumption of processed food and solvents), allow parasites to complete their cycles within our organs. This means parasites now lay eggs and live generation after generation increasing the number of parasites within us that can create deadly disease causing bacteria, iron deficiency and even malnourishment.
  14. 14. 1 – 2 servings of All Natural Fibre Food & drink mix in water beforemeals.2 – 4 Garlic Allium Complex at bedtime.Continue 5 – 10 days.Drink 3 -5 glasses of water between meals.
  15. 15.  Pollution threatens our good health. The assault comes from all sides. The air we breathe both in and outdoors as well as the water we drink and the food we eat. All of these are potential sources of toxic exposure.
  16. 16.  Scientific research shows that certain nutrients may boost the body’s defences against environmental toxins, by interfering with toxic reactions and preventing cellular damage that may lead to disease. Signs of toxic exposure are asthma, breathing difficulties, feeling “foggy”, lack of mental clarity, and poor memory.
  17. 17. First Month Take 6 Betagard per day (2 at breakfast & 2 at lunch & 2 at supper). For 10 days, drink on alternating days, 4 cups of Cranberry Juice with water & 4 cups of Lemon Juice (2 freshly squeezed lemons plus water)
  18. 18. Second Month Take 6 Lecithin per day. (2 at breakfast & 2 at lunch & 2 at supper).
  19. 19. Normally, yeast exists in harmony with other organismsin your body.When something comes along that changes theenvironment in your intestinal tract, all sorts ofsymptoms can occur over time.Everyday things we do in our lifestyle cause thedestruction of the good bacteria such as: alcohol,coffee, chips, nachos, preservatives in food, chlorine intap water etc.
  20. 20. Loss of memory and concentration, fatigue, depression,anxiety, emotional illnesses, digestive problems such asbloating, indigestion, gas, diarrhoea alternating withconstipation, menstrual problems such as PMS, cramps,irregular periods, backache, sexual problems, infertility,arthritis, chronic skin problems such as acne andeczema, urinary and vaginal infections, asthma andother respiratory illnesses, allergies and chemicalsensitivities, such sinus problems, miscarriages andendometriosis.
  21. 21.  We all have good and bad bacteria in our colon. When bad bacteria such as yeast takes over because of drugs, birth control pills, bad diet or having it passed on from another infected person, it can take over the entire digestive tract, then over your entire body. We need to kill the bad bacteria and put back the good bacteria. We do that with a YEAST CLEANSE.
  22. 22. For CandidaFoods to avoid if possible to speed up the cleanse:sugars, yeast breads, crackers, cookies and baked goods, dairy products,fermented foods such as wine, beer, vinegar, soya sauce, dried fruits, nutscanned and processed foods, fruit (high in sugar).
  23. 23.  Take 5 garlic for 10 nights. Take 5 acidophilus for 30 days.
  24. 24. If after 10 days there is a strong garlic smell in yourbowel movement, this means the yeast has been killed.If there is NOT a smell of garlic, take 6 Garlic Complexon Day 11 and 7 Garlic Complex on Day 12 – continueto increase the Garlic Complex by one every night untilthere is a garlic smell with your bowel movement.Continue with Acidophilus ( can increase to 6 or 7).
  25. 25.  For general maintenance, you can continue to take one Garlic every day and one Acidophilus every day just to keep things in check.