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DIY Digital Music


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DIY Digital Music: Sales and Distribution. If you're a musician who has music to sell you may find some of this useful. Its a general introduction to what to do with recorded music and applies equally to any art produced by any artist that can be distributed digitally.

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DIY Digital Music

  1. 1. digital download options
  2. 2. DIY Digital Sales and Marketing • Digital sales don’t operate in a vacuum. If you take responsibility for digital sales, you should also take on digital marketing. • You have 2 priorities: 1. MAKE CONNECTIONS 2. SELL STUFF
  3. 3. Your Website and Theirs • Use everything - your own site, their site*, whatever. (*their site is myspace, facebook etc. ). You must use them all. • Your website is a base for all your connections and sales. All roads lead to your website. • Your website binds all your profiles on other sites (e.g. facebook, myspace) in the same place.
  4. 4. What’s on your website? Connections: media- video, art... mailing lists. Fan gig requests. Sign Up. Exclusives. their sites Your Extras Sales: Merchandise Sales. Artist Website Ticket Sales. CD Sales.
  5. 5. SALES: downloads Your Website Digital Distributors How? Who? • Mobile Web: • Paypal • Pocketgroup • iTunes • 7digital • Sonynet • 7digital • iTunes • independents • Rhapsody • other • other • other
  6. 6. What Next? • Plan Pre-release: getting everything ready- accounts with artistsfirst, itunes, mobile etc. • Plan release: plan gig requests, updates, exclusives etc. • Plan Post-release: plan iCasts, gigs, CD sales etc.