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Social Media to Inspire and Liberate Filmmakers. Technology to Enable Creativity. Follow @CreativeEnable. Talk given at Digital Biscuit 2012

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Social Media for Filmmakers - Digital Biscuit

  1. 1. Social Mediaenabling Creativity in Filmmakers Technology to liberate and inspire Storytellers
  2. 2. Take a trip. Change your pattern/ schedule. Philisophical Go to a new culture. Change a habit Shots ofEspresso Find yourself in awe of something Be receptive. Open to new ideas Tell a story. Present your ideas in narrative form
  3. 3. A picture =1000 wordsAt 24 frames per second =24000 words per secondFeature Film = 120 minutes =172, 800, 000 Filmmakers love words! turning ideas into Not to mention the music, the audio, the colours, the script, the story… stories
  4. 4. Social Media:Where ideas have sex
  5. 5. As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble Ralph Waldo EmersonCreativity lovesconstraint
  6. 6. 1/22/13  
  7. 7. Crowd sourcedMovies
  8. 8. 1/22/13  
  9. 9. Traditional Contentproduction Production model Medium Canned Media Content Audience
  10. 10. The six pillars ofNew media6production Content Production Take back what has Discovery always been yours Ted hope Promotion @power to the pixel conference 2010 Participation Follow Ted Hope onPresentation Twitter: @TedHope
  11. 11. Experiments inSocial Media
  12. 12. Creating aWorld
  13. 13. TheKnitter
  14. 14. Transmedia
  15. 15. I think that while markets are conversation, marketing Storytelling for is a story. Great marketers listen relentlessly online audienceFollow Seth Godin onTwitter: @ThisIsSethsBlog
  16. 16. People have always wanted to in some way inhabitthe stories that move them. The only real variable iswhether technology gives them that opportunity. Frank Rose, The Art of Immersion: Community Data GOLD
  17. 17. “Niche” and Global In three years, The Guild, a homemade comedy series about gamers playing a World of War craft -­‐  like virtual role-playing game:FELICIA DAY:THE GUILD 65 million views, and has even spawned its own comic book.
  18. 18. CloudFilmmaking
  19. 19. Collabor ation THE HUNGER GAMES According to Danielle DePalma, between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumbler, The Hunger Games has more than 6-and-a- half-million followers.
  20. 20. The HungerGames
  21. 21. TheOpportunity
  22. 22. The film industry’s annual ticket sales have declined almost every year since 2002, but gross annual revenue has doubledIf fewer people are going to the movies, how is the industry avoiding bankruptcy? Social Media and Filmmaking
  23. 23. Plus HootSuite or Tweetdeck Read the YOUTUBE PLAYBOOK Upload a video Social Media EssentialsCreate a twitter feed you actually enjoy following
  24. 24. Follow @Creative Enable Follow everyone who loves this stuff