TME Consulting External Introduction 2009


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TME Consulting External Introduction 2009

  1. 1. Capgemini Consulting is the strategy and transformation consulting brand of Capgemini Group January 30, 2015 C4 Introduction Telecom, Media & Entertainment Consulting Practice
  2. 2. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 2 Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services Global Reach • North America, Europe and Asia • 80,000 employees • 300 offices in 30 countries • € 8.7bn revenue in 2007 Three Core Skill Sets • Technology services: • Architecture and design • Application and data • Infrastructure • Outsourcing services: • Business process outsourcing • IT outsourcing Five Global Sectors • Financial services • Public sector • Manufacturing/retail • Energy, Utilities Chemical • Telecom, Media & Entertainment • Consulting services: – Strategy – Transformation – Operations
  3. 3. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 3 Within the TME sector, the C4 consulting practice is a global management consulting unit focusing on all the converging communication industries  Created in 1993  Globally managed  350 professionals  Commitment to our clients: - Long lasting relationships - Passionate about results - Independence of advice  Commitment to our people: - Global staffing - Global training - Global people processes  Commitment to thought leadership: - Leading edge insights - Industry think tank (C4 Lab) - Link with Academia C4 Convergence Positioning TME C4 Practice CONTENT COMMERCE CONNECTIVITY
  4. 4. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 4 Our Advisory Board of senior telecom, media and entertainment professionals gives us great insights around media convergence Board of Advisors 2008  Chair: Lord Birt, former Director-General of the BBC  Accel Partners, Kaj-Erik Relander, General Partner  AOL Europe, Dana Dunne, CEO  Apple Europe, Pascal Cagni, General Manager & VP, EMEA  Bebo, Joanna Shields, President - International  BT plc, Clive Ansell, President – Strategy, Marketing and Propositions  Channel 4, Jon Gisby, Director of New media and Technology  Cox Communications, Dallas Clement, SVP Strategy & Development  Deutsche Telekom, Francis Deprez, Chief Strategy Officer  Fremantle Media, Tony Cohen, Chief Executive Officer  Guardian News & Media, Emily Bell, Director, Digital Content  ITV, Carolyn Fairbairn, Head of Strategy & Corporate Development  KPN, Eelco Blok, Member of the Board of Management  London Business School, Patrick Barwise, Emeritus Professor of Management & Marketing  Nokia, Keith Pardy, Senior Vice Preident, Strategic Marketing  O2 / Telefónica, Peter Erskine, Chairman & CEO  Publicis, Olivier Fleurot, Executive Chairman  RSM Erasmus University, Professor George Yip, Dean  Telecom Italia Sparkle, Stefano Mazzitelli, CEO  Vodafone, Frank Rovekamp, Global Chief Marketing Officer  Warner Music International, Patrick Vien, Chairman & CEO Advisors meet twice a year and, with their blend of Industry insight and experience, debate on the rapidly changing communications landscape
  5. 5. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 5 C4 has consistently maintained a balanced project portfolio across three core capabilities Strategy Formulation Business Creation • Vision engineering/value innovation • Growth strategy/market entry • M&A advisory services • Post merger integration • Organisational strategy • Functional strategy (marketing, channel…) • Monetisation strategies • Organisation design and development • “In a box” capabilities • Launch profiling • Multifunctional launch management • Launch process implementation • Soft launch/business testing Operations Excellence • Customer experience management • Path to profit/cost optimisation • Revenue Assurance • End to end process redesign • Business programme management • Business/IT alignment & effectiveness • Mobilisation
  6. 6. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 6 Our C4 Lab has a global outlook and enjoys strong links with influential academics and industry analysts London Mumbai  Global network of strategy consultants: - Consultants and knowledge specialists across continents  Focused on generating insights in the Telecom, Media and Entertainment markets  Delivers incisive recommendations based on rigorous research and analysis  Links with business school faculty members and other research analysts  Recent Points of View: - Winning in the converged content and distribution world - New patterns of consumer behaviour - Monetising the changing consumer behaviours Paris Innovation 2.0 Learning from Online Play Telecom & Media Insight Issue 18 June 2007 Evaluating the Disruptive Potential of Internet TV in Western Europe Telecom & Media Insight Issue 28 July 2008 Mobile and Broadband Services in Japan and South Korea What can Western Operators Learn from their Eastern Peers? Telecom & Media Insight Issue 25 December 2007
  7. 7. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 7 Capgemini has a dedicated media consulting capability focuses on key strategic and operational issues in the industry • Team of dedicated media consultants • Focus on strategy and transformation work, in particular: – New business models – Convergence – Financial modelling – Business simplification / cost reduction • Areas of expertise: – TV and Radio Broadcasting – IPTV – Digital Services – Sports Rights – Emerging markets Capgemini Media Consulting • “Future of TV” – modelling of consumer behaviours, competitive dynamics and financials in the UK TV industry until 2016 • IPTV Strategy for a major broadcaster • Transformation of a leading Public Service Broadcaster • Emerging markets growth strategy for a commercial arm of a PSB • Global digital and physical sales and marketing strategy for a music label • Music distribution strategy for a leading ISP • Assessment of content windowing strategies for a broadcaster • Analysis of commercial partnership potential between major broadcasters Examples of Recent Projects
  8. 8. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 8 Our research focuses on how the shift to digital is affecting traditional business models and consumer behaviours How to Monetise Consumer Behaviour? • Consumer behaviours are changing, and we consume not only a lot more telecom and media services, but we consume it very differently • At the same time, growth in traditional advertising revenues and consumer spend are slowing down, creating a gap of under-monetised usage • There are massive opportunities in digital delivery of content, but advertising funded models are more developed online New Patterns of Consumer Behaviour • The habits of the 15–24 year old age group, the technology savvy generation, herald the changes in the way we communicate and consume content. • Capgemini’s TME Strategy Lab analyzed these so-called ”digital natives” in order to identify emerging patterns of consumer behavior. The attitudes of this generation are underlined by the need to control, socialize, create and make efficient use of their time. • Telecom and media players need to redefine their relationships with their customers, offering services that increase consumer involvement as well as create addictive experiences. Internet Players vs. Telecom Operators: Worlds in Collision • Internet players are increasingly turning their gaze to communication services, which could pose a potential threat to telcos’ revenues. • Capgemini’s TME Strategy Lab researched the various telecom initiatives underway by online players across fixed voice, Internet access and mobile domains and analyzed the viability of offering these services free or at discounted rates, on a large scale, through an ad-supported business model. Winning in the Converged Content and Distribution World • Convergence is creating a wide range of disruptions across the value chain as players move out of their existing territories and enter new markets. • We believe that convergence is likely to be a zero sum game: anticipated growth in the TME market is unlikely to be much higher than GDP, meaning there will be winners and losers • Convergence means TME value chains are currently in flux. As they progressively reconstruct, the new equilibrium will look very different with new business models, new competitors and new value distribution among those players.
  9. 9. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 9 Capgemini TME Consulting has a proven global track record with major players in the converging communication industries Mobile Fixed & Internet Media & Entertainment Telco Enablers
  10. 10. C4 EXTERNAL INTRODU January 30, 2015 10 We operate from a global network of offices United States 750, 7th Avenue New York, NY 10019 USA 600 Memorial Drive, Suite 100 Cambridge, MA 02139 USA 200 North Sepulveda Boulevard Suite 1000 El Segundo, CA 90245 USA 10 Glenlake Parkway Suite 1000 Atlanta USA Australia James Hunter Tel: +61 (2) 9293 44918 Level 4 50 Carrington Street Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA China Nongfei Zhu Tel: +86 2161053888 Capgemini China Unit 803-806, Capital Tower, No.6. Jia JianGuoMenwai, Avenue, Chao Yang District, Beijing PRC Americas Europe /Middle East Asia Pacific Didier Bonnet Tel: +44 870 905 3189 Pascal Weckx Tel:+33 1 49 00 21 00 Global France Patrick Ferraris Tel: +33 1 49 00 20 68 Coeur Defense Tour A La Défense 4 110 Esp du Général de Gaulle 92931 Paris la Défense FRANCE Germany & Eastern Europe Dieter Lange Tel: +49 211 5661 3283 Wanheimer Strasse 68 D-40468 Dűsseldorf GERMANY Berliner Straße 76 D-63065 Offenbach am Main GERMANY Italy Francesco De Leo Tel: +39 02 41493 027 Via Nizzoli, 6 20147 Milano ITALY Via di Torre Spaccata, 140 00169 Roma ITALY Benelux Vincent Rutgers Tel: +31 30 689 6814 Papendorpseweg 100 3528 BJ Utrecht Postbus 2575 3500 GN Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Nordic Per Blom Tel: +47 8 5368 4251 Hoffsveien 1 D 0275 Oslo NORWAY P.O.BOX 825SE-161 Gustavslundsvägen 131 24 Bromma SWEDEN Niittymäentie, 9 02200 Espoo Helsinki FINLAND Iberia Alfonso Cossio Tel: +34 91 657 85 17 Anabel Segura, 14 Edificio Cedro 28100 Alcobendas Madrid SPAIN United Kingdom Rob Staples Tel: +44 870 238 8779 76-88 Wardour Street London W1F 0UU UNITED KINGDON C4 Offices TME CS Partners Dubai Jawad Shaikh Tel: +9714 433 5694 Romaine Delavenne Tel: +971 50 784 7764 PO Box 502 420 DUBAI
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