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Facts about Charlotte, NC


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Facts about Charlotte, NC

  1. 1. CHARLOTTE IS ONE OF THE UNITED STATES’ MOST SIGNIFICANTMETROPOLITAN AREASThe Charlotte Metropolitan Statistical Area 2009 population estimate is 1,745,524.A Leading Headquarters CitySeven Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Charlotte, tying for 8th in arecent U.S. ranking. Charlotte is home to 31 companies, each with more than $1billion in annual sales.Leading Financial CenterMore banking resources ($2.3 trillion) are headquartered in Charlotte than all butone other U.S. city. Five of the nation’s top 25 banks operate in Charlotte. Bank ofAmerica, the nation’s largest and the second largest bank in the world, isheadquartered in Charlotte.International CityOver 850 foreign-owned firms, representing 42 countries are located in the regionand provide jobs to over 50,000 workers.Manufacturing LeaderThe Carolinas Piedmont Crescent is the U.S.’s fourth largest manufacturingregion, producing $136 billion in goods, and Charlotte is North Carolina’s largestmanufacturing region, producing over $43 billion in goods.*Source: Charlotte Chamber of Commerce