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Non Profit, Organization, dedicated to honor those who died on 9-11 and those rescuers dying ever since, due to their illnesses

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Presentation Gear Up

  2. 2. A LIVING TRIBUTE TO THOSE WHO PERISHED ON 9-11 AND THOSE WHO SERVED AND CONTINUE TO DIE.ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL, AND THEN ... A FEW BECOME BROTHERS OFFICE USA P.O.BOX 911 South Salem, NY 10590 USA Office : 631.869.5607 Toll Free : 800.601.3493 A Federally Cer 01(c)3 Foundation
  3. 3. ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL, AND THEN ... A FEW BECOME BROTHERS By joining Gear Up Foundation, you will become a part of " A LIVING MEMORIAL “A Living Memorial”, animated by the spirit of the firefighter, but with a mission that is grander in scope, a DEDICATED TO DOING brotherhood that encourages understanding and harmony GREAT THINGS THE FIRST through the efforts of our participants and those who AND ONLY "LIVING support us. By supporting our dreams, you will be helping others in TRIBUTE” TO THOSE WHO need and saving lives. DIED ON 9-11” By becoming a mentor or a teacher of children and firefighters in developing countries, you will help to heal Gear Up is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded by the pain caused by the events of 9-11. a ground zero firefighter in 2002, dedicated to assisting and providing firefighters and children, in developing By funding our programs, you will contribute to a noble countries, with the tools, knowledge and support they need cause and become part of the Gear Up family. We truly to save lives, as a tribute to those who died on 9-11. believe that it is only through helping others that you can help yourself, by giving your time, talent and treasure. Gear Up is comprised of supporters, firefighters, mentors, victims, families and friends, like you, who share and live As a statement of purpose and action join Gear Up “A its mission and vision every day. Living Memorial”. Help fight against the injustice of poverty. Together we project the most compassionate image of solidarity and generosity by training firefighters, in With your financial and moral support, you will not only developing countries, to become certified firemen. help to deliver equipment and training, but you will give Moreover, we provide the tools needed to do the most hope to children and firefighters in developing countries. noble and yet dangerous tasks of all, to save the lives of We thank you for your support, friendship and others. encouragement.
  4. 4. A LIVING TRIBUTE TO THOSE WHO PERISHED ON 9-11 AND THOSE WHO SERVED AND CONTINUE TO DIE.ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL, AND THEN ... A FEW BECOME BROTHERS MISSION VISION STATEMENT STATEMENT GOALS Gear Up is “A Living Memorial” dedicated to To perpetuate “A Living Memorial” by doing PRESENT: doing great deeds around the world in the great deeds worldwide as a tribute to our loved • Helping to heal those wounded first name of those who perished on 9-11. ones who perished on 9-ll. Providing fire responders who faced 911 by utilizing their education, training and equipment to children talents within the Gear Up mission. Acting as Ambassadors of goodwill spreading and firefighters in developing countries. • To bring information of the ongoing hope, harmony and encouraging brotherhood struggles faced by so many first responders by bringing fire safety education to children To encourage brotherhood and harmony into public view. along with fire fighting equipment and training amongst all peoples and nations through our • Help our wounded warriors who so bravely to developing countries.Rescue the rescuers efforts and those who support us. served after 911 and their families with both here and around the world by grants to help pay bills along with incorporating them into our programs. Continue saving lives as we act as a catalyst scholarships for the children of first that will illuminate a path to true peace for responders whose death is directly linked to Saving, protecting and preserving all forms of others to follow exemplified by the bravery, their Ground Zero service. life from fire.Establish and support on-going initiative, and passion that is represented by • Generating hope for the future in operations that will protect the environment firefighters. developing countries and fire departments from fire. by our actions and support. LONG TERM: • Expand our mission to developing countries around the globe. • Build fire academies, in developing countries, around the world. • Help children, in developing countries, become better members of their community. • Enlist corporations worldwide to support our mission.
  5. 5. ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL, AND THEN ... A FEW BECOME BROTHERSVincent Forras and Vincent Forras’ appearance on Vincent Forras speaking Hero program in actionMayor Rudolph Giuliani the Today Show. Ground Zero at the New York In Ground Zero. 9/11/06. Mecantil ExchangeVincent Forras shaking Vincent Forras sitting behind Vincent Forras standing in front Vincent Forras withhands with President the medication he must take of the twisted ruins left after the Gear Up Foundation’sGeorge W. Bush. daily just to stay alive. the 9/11 attacks. UK Ambassadors.Vincent Forras standing Gear Up Foundation stands Gear Up foundation bringing Gear Up Foundation founderwit retruck Donated to for a picture after making the world together with Vincent Forras with FireGear Up Foundation. a donation in Ecuador. Thomas VonEssen Company in Ecuador.
  6. 6. A LIVING TRIBUTE TO THOSE WHO PERISHED ON 9-11 AND THOSE WHO SERVED AND CONTINUE TO DIE.ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL, AND THEN ... A FEW BECOME BROTHERS NY Volunteer Firefighter for well over a in the face of a common house fire. decade in upstate New York, was one of Also, after seeing the horrible fires on those who put his fellow man above his own Galapagos Islands and the continual BIRTH OF safety and reported to “Ground-Zero”. burning of prime natural forest lands for development the Gear-Up Foundation was BROTHERHOOD While in New York City, working as a rescue born. and recovery volunteer at Ground-Zero, Ecuador is just one country in a continent of Vincent met Monica Carrera of Guayaquil, people, but it is the country that chose BY WILLIAM HOOD Ecuador. Vincent to share his experience, and in so The events of September 11, 2001 have doing, won his dedication and devotion. proven to be significant in the lives of people Monica was associated with the Chamber of Supplying the firefighters of Ecuador, everywhere on the face of our planet. In one Commerce in Guayaquil. Six months later, through the Gear-Up Foundation became way or another, every human being was through her efforts and the cooperation of Vincent Forrass life work and commitment touched, and every life has experienced the Chief of the Guayaquil Fire Department, from that day. some effect from the incredible happenings Vincent was invited to recount his The vision is not limited to Ecuador, but the of that day. Most of what we see, as a result, experiences to a select group in Guayaquil, first steps were taken there. is negative in nature. To think that amid so Ecuador, which included the Chief and It is the purpose and goal of Gear-Up, much death, the birth of great good could sub-chief of the Guayaquil Fire Department. through the partnership of leading occur, redeems our fragile human optimism. While in Ecuador, Vincent was given a tour firefighters in South America, to train and of the country and observed the extremely equip firefighters, bring fire safety education The things I will share with you now are not poor conditions in outlying fire districts. to children, a plan to react to fires in their only positive in nature, but demonstrate one natural resources and to establish a way in which the events of that terrifying day He observed the lack of firefighting unilateral “Brotherhood” among emergency have brought us closer together as the equipment as basic as fire retardant service personnel everywhere, in the face of human race. To suggest that a cloud so clothing, boots and gloves, and came to the order of things created by the events of horrifically dark could possibly contain a realize that the brave firefighters lacked the September 11th. glimmer of the “silver lining” is, in itself, a necessary training to be effective in even the wonderful testimony to the human spirit. smallest emergency. Vinny’s vision includes allowing those firefighters who served during 9/11 events to As the dust settled over New York City, and Recalling the utter dismay of his brother heal by helping others in need around the the death toll was reported to include over firefighters as they faced the reality of world. three hundred brave men and women of September 11th with the best trained and New Yorks finest civil servants, the call for best equipped men and women in the entire help went out to cities and townships world, and holding that feeling of complete nationwide for volunteers and replacement inadequacy close to his heart, Vincent knew personnel. Vincent Forras, a South Salem, what these men must experience every day
  7. 7. ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL, AND THEN ... A FEW BECOME BROTHERS Chairman Gear Up Foundation Pat Gambaro FrancePresident Gear Up Foundation Latin American Director & Monica CarreraMonica Carrera Ricardo Guerrero
  8. 8. Graphisme : Gilles MORAT : +336 84 89 47 82 FOR INFORMACION PLEASE