Connective tissues


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Connective tissues

  1. 1. Connective Tissues 4 subtypes:4 subtypes: Connective Tissue Proper (CTP)Connective Tissue Proper (CTP) Blood and LymphBlood and Lymph CartilageCartilage BoneBone
  2. 2. Characteristics of all C.T. CellsCells fixed and mobilefixed and mobile FibersFibers collagencollagen elasticelastic reticularreticular Ground substanceGround substance may be fluid or solid, found in between cellsmay be fluid or solid, found in between cells and fibersand fibers
  3. 3. C. T. functions structure and supportstructure and support defensedefense storage of nutrientsstorage of nutrients transport of nutrientstransport of nutrients cushioning/protectioncushioning/protection
  4. 4. CTP types Loose CTPLoose CTP areolarareolar fibroblastsfibroblasts collagen and elastic fibers loosely organizedcollagen and elastic fibers loosely organized syrupy ground substancesyrupy ground substance fill spacesfill spaces
  5. 5. Loose CTP cont AdiposeAdipose fat cellsfat cells few fibersfew fibers store energystore energy cushions kidneyscushions kidneys
  6. 6. Fibrous CTP Dense regularDense regular mostly collagen fibersmostly collagen fibers run primarily in one directionrun primarily in one direction fibroblastsfibroblasts very strong in one directionvery strong in one direction tendonstendons ligamentsligaments fasciafascia
  7. 7. Fibrous cont. Dense irregularDense irregular multidirectional fibers, mostly collagenmultidirectional fibers, mostly collagen multidirectional strengthmultidirectional strength dermis of skindermis of skin encapsulate organsencapsulate organs
  8. 8. Fibrous cont. elasticelastic dominated by elastic fibersdominated by elastic fibers fibroblastsfibroblasts stretchablestretchable around bladderaround bladder lungslungs arteriesarteries
  9. 9. Reticular meshwork of reticular fibersmeshwork of reticular fibers spaces for cells of an organspaces for cells of an organ spleenspleen liverliver lymph nodeslymph nodes bone marrowbone marrow
  10. 10. Blood and Lymph fluid ground substancefluid ground substance varied cell populationvaried cell population transport nutrients and wastetransport nutrients and waste defensedefense few fibers, mostly soluble unless stimulatedfew fibers, mostly soluble unless stimulated to clump togetherto clump together
  11. 11. Blood 50% plasma, mostly water50% plasma, mostly water 50% RBCs - erythrocytes, hemoglobin50% RBCs - erythrocytes, hemoglobin <1% WBCs - leukocytes, several types<1% WBCs - leukocytes, several types granular - neutrophils, eosinophils, basophilsgranular - neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils agranular - lymphocytes, macrophagesagranular - lymphocytes, macrophages fight infectionfight infection <1% platelets - thrombocytes<1% platelets - thrombocytes
  12. 12. Lymph mostly ground substancemostly ground substance lymphocytes are primary celllymphocytes are primary cell filtered for foreign particlesfiltered for foreign particles
  13. 13. Cartilage CharacteristicsCharacteristics Avascular, heals slowlyAvascular, heals slowly Ground substance is chondroitin sulfate, aGround substance is chondroitin sulfate, a proteoglycan gelproteoglycan gel MatrixMatrix ChondrocytesChondrocytes LacunaeLacunae PerichondriumPerichondrium
  14. 14. Cartilage types Hyaline cartilageHyaline cartilage About 40% collagen fibersAbout 40% collagen fibers Stiff, but somewhat flexibleStiff, but somewhat flexible Nose, ribs, trachea, articular cartilage in jointsNose, ribs, trachea, articular cartilage in joints
  15. 15. Cart. Cont. Elastic cartilageElastic cartilage Elastic fibersElastic fibers Very flexibleVery flexible Damage heals with collagen fibersDamage heals with collagen fibers Ex: cauliflower earEx: cauliflower ear Ears, epiglottisEars, epiglottis
  16. 16. Cart. Cont. FibrocartilageFibrocartilage Higher % of cartilage is collagen fibersHigher % of cartilage is collagen fibers less gel in matrixless gel in matrix Provides cushioning in weight bearing jointsProvides cushioning in weight bearing joints Meniscii of knees, intervertebral disks,Meniscii of knees, intervertebral disks, sacroiliac jointsacroiliac joint
  17. 17. Bone Osseous tissueOsseous tissue Solid matrix composed of collagen fibers andSolid matrix composed of collagen fibers and calcium saltscalcium salts PeriosteumPeriosteum Highly vascularHighly vascular Heals well, fairly quicklyHeals well, fairly quickly OsteoblastsOsteoblasts OsteoclastsOsteoclasts
  18. 18. Bone tissue structure Compact boneCompact bone Found in the bone shaft, thin layer covers all boneFound in the bone shaft, thin layer covers all bone OsteonOsteon Osteonic canalOsteonic canal Volkmann canalVolkmann canal LacunaeLacunae OsteocytesOsteocytes CanaliculiCanaliculi
  19. 19. Bone cont. Cancellous (Spongy) boneCancellous (Spongy) bone Open channels throughout bone, lessensOpen channels throughout bone, lessens weight,weight, Knobby ends of bones, flat bonesKnobby ends of bones, flat bones