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Inclusive tourism travabilty


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Accessibility Marketing Guide
Why and How to present accessibility
information and attract the Inclusive
Tourism market.

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Inclusive tourism travabilty

  1. 1. About Travability Our ServicesTravability was formed in 2007 by Bill Forrester and Deborah Training ServicesDavis. We are members of SATH (Society for Accessible Travel and Travability is committed to the accessible tourism sector. OurHospitality), ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism) and vision is to make the world accessible to all. We offer full trainingTour Watch the world incubator for Accessible Tourism. We are services for both front line staff and management in the needs andacknowledged as global thought leaders on inclusive tourism and the requirements of of the disabled community. Further we offer culturaleconomic impact the sector will have on the travel industry over the change courses on the concept of inclusivity not just ten years.We have presented at international forums including: Marketing Services Inclusive Tourism • SATH World Congresses in 2009 and 2011 We can help develop the basic information requirements and The Most Under Serviced Sector in Travel presentation to allow your facilities to be identified and enjoyed. • Inaugural Access Tourism New Zealand Conference in October We have developed a self assessment guide and improvement 2010 manual, that can be tailored to your establishment.Bill Forrester We can develop your marketingBill was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Bill material including photo shoots orhas a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of images from our stock library.Melbourne and spent most of his working life in thecorporate field in both financial and operation roles. Property Audits and UniversalHe specialised in corporate and cultural change, and Designhas extensive experience in facility management, Compliance with design standards ismajor project delivery, stakeholder relations and only a starting point in making a facility truly inclusive. We have acorporate training programs. He has worked in the principle that good inclusive design should just blend in. Universalprivate, mutual, and government sectors. Several years ago he left thecorporate world and bought three retail travel agencies in Melbourne Design is an evolving thing centering around making as much of a facility as possible usable by all. Our audits concentrate on making Accessibility Marketing Guideto pursue his love of travel. improvements to things not directly covered by the design standards.Recognising that there was a lack of information of accessible tourism It is often surprising just how easily, and often inexpensively, a non Why and How to present accessibilityfacilities, three years ago, Bill formed Travability with a mission to accessible venue can be made inclusive. information and attract the Inclusivechange the way the tourist industry viewed travellers with disabilitiesand the way accessible information was made available. Resort Development and Design Review Tourism market. In addition to just incorporating legislative design requirements for access we can review your project to ensure that inclusion isContact Bill on 61 4 1769 0533 or incorporated into the entire concept based on the 7 principles of Universal DesignDeborah Davis Deborah was born and raised in Maryland and moved to Miami in 1984. She was involved in a car Contact Us Bill Forrester accident at the age of 18 sustaining a C6/7 spinal Phone: 0417 690 533 cord injury resulting in incomplete quadriplegia. Email: Deborah has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami and has had a Deborah Davis successful career in the medical sales field and was Email the Director of Abilities Florida. She has extensiveexperience in developing and conducting training programs on Web: www.travability.traveldisability awareness and the seamless inclusion of accessible facilities.She has a wealth of experience in marketing. She is well travelled and Travabilityenjoys the thrill of discovering new places. As an active and accomplishedindividual she is passionate about our dream of making the world Travabilityaccessible to all. TravabilityContact Deborah at Prepared by Travability Pty. Ltd.
  2. 2. What is Inclusive Tourism? Enhance your Utilisation En-suite Bathroom • Door widthAll sorts of terms have been used by providing the right • Roll in showerto describe this growing market information • Wall mounted shower seatfrom Barrier Free Tourism in the The Victorian Competition and provided: or, a free standing chairUnited Kingdom, Accessible Efficiency Commission’s draft is available upon requestTourism in Australia, Access report on the barriers facing • Shower handrailTourism in New Zealand. All of Victorian Tourism expressed some • Remote shower headthose terms have their foundations concern over the cost and lack ofbased on the physical term of utilisation of accessible rooms. A“access” More often than not Toilet • Toilet height review of the accessibility requirements, however, argued business • Widest clear space next to Toiletthose expressions also have could address this low use of accessible rooms by more carefullya narrow interpretation as people think of them applying only to • Clear space in front of Toilet designing accessible rooms, educating staff and better marketing to • Handrail: Fixed, positiontravelers with a mobility related disability. older people as well as people with a disability.More correctly what we are describing in talking about Inclusive • Sink heightTourism is an environment where people of all abilities are felt Key elements are: • Clear space under sinkwelcome and wanted as customers and guests. • Don’t assume all disabilities are the same • Height from the floor to the base • Don’t hide the information, put it where the rest of the facility of the mirrorMarket Size information is. Bookings are often made by friends, family or Dining and Bars • Accessible entryFor the first time Inclusive Tourism is being regarded as an economic employers. Headings such as “special facilities” or “compliance • Clear path to tablesmarket driven by the retirement of the baby boomer sector. Inclusive requirements” are meaningless and demeaning. • Tables, including outdoorTourism is already a major tourism sector with Australian research • Provide enough detail settings accommodate roll underputting its value at 11% of the total industry market share. US • Use photographs of your accessible facilities wheelchairresearch by McKinsey & Company predicts that by 2015, the baby • Include people with a disability in your general marketing and • WC facilitiesboomer generation will command almost 60 percent of net U.S. imagery • Choice of table locations and sizeswealth and 40 percent of spending. In many categories, like travel, • Servery is accessible fromboomers will represent over 50 percent of consumption. The impact Examples of Critical Inclusive Information wheelchair heighton the Inclusive Travel sector is significant as over 40% of them will • Braille or large print menusbe retiring with some form of disability, raising the total value of the Entrance • Ramped or level access • Door Width • Food is available pre-cutInclusive Tourism sector to over 25% of the market by 2020. • Dietary restrictions catered for • Type of door: Automatic, Manual,There are myths in the marketplace that suggest that people with a Manual with doorman • Access to dance floordisability travel far less than the general population, however, the2008 Australian National Visitor Survey estimated the following: Lift • Door width • Depth • Some 88% of people with disability take a holiday each year that • Width This is by no means an exhaustive list but it serves to indicate the accounted for some 8.2 million overnight trips. • Control height, braille level of detail required by a person with a disability to make an • The average travel group size for people with a disability is 2.8 • Audio floor announcements informed decision as to whether or not a facility is suitable for their people for a domestic overnight trip and 3.4 for a day trip. Guest Rooms with • Door width needs. • There is a myth that the inclusive tourism market does not Facilities • Type of beds available spend because of economic circumstance. That is false as it is a • Largest free space at side of bed It offers an opportunity to develop products to service one of the significant proportion of each travel market segment. • Height of bed fastest growing and loyal market segments in tourism. • They travel on a level comparable with the general population • Clear space under bed for domestic overnight and day trips. • Height of desk • The total tourism expenditure attributable to the group is $8bn • Clear space under desk per year or 11% of overall tourism expenditure. Inclusive Tourism is no longer a disability rights issue, • Clothes rail height in wardrobe • Light switch next to the bed it is an economic imperative. “American adults with disabilities or reduced mobility Paths of access • There is level or ramped access in currently spend an average of $13. 6 billion a year on the hotel to the swimming pool, parking and restaurant travel. Creating accessible cruise ships, accessible ship • Pool lift availability terminals, accessible ground transportation, and accessible • Garden or connecting paths: width tourist destinations is not charity. It is just good business.” and surface Dr Scott Rains. a US expert on disability issues