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At your service

  1. 1. Corporal Mark Reid’s next challenge is touring EnglandAt your serviceYour business case andguide to improvingaccessibility for customers
  2. 2. Now more than ever before, you Investor 1: So you’re saying roughly You: Pretty much everything In the beginning want to run an effective and one in every five people in England I’ve investigated will increase my Imagine being offered a loyal, efficient business. Your limited has an impairment? That’s a lot of opportunities to win more business. growing market which makes you time and available cash have to wheelchair users. First off, I want to make my website stand out from your competitors. add value and put more money more accessible which will also Be honest; you’d be interested You: Wheelchair users are only one in the bank. Because that’s what increase my Google ranking. I want to in that market wouldn’t you? part of the market. There are many business is all about, right? put in a ramp which will be good for So why do many tourism more people with less obvious elderly people or anyone using businesses overlook improving disabilities such as poor vision, Imagine yourself in the hearing loss and learning disabilities. crutches or pushing a buggy. their accessibility? television programme Investor 2: OK, so it’s a large market. Investor 1: Benefits for older people There are many reasons for Dragons’ Den What about the income potential? and children as well - I’m impressed. businesses to become more accessible. This booklet is a starting Standing in front of the investors You: Overall it’s worth over £2 Investor 2: What about competitors? point to guide you. To reap the you put forward a pitch for a small billion a year to tourism businesses What can you tell me about them? business benefits outlined here investment in your tourism business. in England. I’d like a share of that. You: Most businesses don’t see the forget your assumptions. Be open Investor 2: What do you propose? potential. They wrongly assume you to the opportunities available to you. You: I run a small tourism business always need to have a lift or make Gain confidence and a share of this which, with your investment, I You: I’ve achieved quite a lot already, huge investments. They don’t realise lucrative and growing market. believe I can grow by 25%. at little or no cost to the business. For how many of their customers have Investor 1: 25%? How are you going to example, I’ve completed an access Hungry for business? access needs. do that? statement using a free online tool Disabled people have the desire, provided by VisitEngland. Investor 1: Sounds like a wise the means and the time to travel. You: I want to make the business investment to me – I’m happy Travelling can be for leisure or more accessible - it’s a big market – Investor 2: I can see you’ve looked to invest! business. Nothing new there then. 11 million people in England and into this market carefully. What The main difference is that disabled there are even more from abroad. comes next? people tend to stay longer than average (3.6 nights as opposed to 3 overall) and to spend more than average (£173 compared to £168 overall)1. Many prefer to travel at off-peak times. 1 UKTS 2009 03
  3. 3. A market for winning… Most people love travelling – age and disability generally don’t change that. What does change is the need for careful planning. Visitors with access requirements need to know that certain facilities are available – accessible parking; a grab rail by the toilet. They can’t afford to leave anything to chance. When you invest in general visitor facilities such as flat screen TVs you mention it – on your website, in your leaflet, maybe even on your Twitter feed. So if you have a vibrating pillow alarm clock or a hearing loop system, it makes sense to promote Bottom Line them too. These facilities may be the 1. se large print (minimum 14 U deciding factor between you and font) and typefaces such as your competitor. Arial or Verdana when writing about your facilities and services. An accessible business: 2. how that you welcome S ecognises the size of the •R assistance dogs by requesting market and its value. a free window sticker - 01844 348100. •M akes itself attractive to the widest range of potential customers. •S ees customer loyalty and “ e learnt British Sign Language without W profits grow. realising it would gain us extra business. Q. ow much do international H visitors to England with a We now welcome many guests with a health condition or hearing impairment. I would advise any impairment spend each year? tourism business to consider making their E stimate based on doubling of 6 month provisional premises more accessible.” A. £300million22 figures from the International Passenger Survey (Jan-Jun 2010 inclusive) Pauline Roberts – Atlantis Holiday Apartments – Torquay 04 05
  4. 4. …Or a market for losing Don’t lose out. Let’s talk numbers. Your visitors’ needs and expectations People with impairments tend to be are changing, so small adjustments accompanied by partners (50%), that make your business more children (20%) or companions accessible may benefit far more (20-25%)3 which increases the people than you imagine. number of visitors and creates extra revenue. In England there are 11 million disabled people – around one in five people4. This includes an increasing number of service men and women. £2bn Bottom Line 1. ind three no cost business F improvements that you can action in the next 30 days from the ‘Easy does it’ business guide – Add to that people who are not improveaccess included in the official figure, such as those with broken limbs, a bad back or 2. Disabled people, like everyone those recovering from surgery. Or the else share their experiences. potential market of at least 78 million Every month 4.5 million people American and 75 million European in the UK use TripAdvisor – disabled visitors, friends and family . 5 what are they saying about With a market this large the range of your business? potential access needs is huge. It is beyond the scope of most small businesses to meet every access need and cover every eventuality. So what can you do to enjoy a share of this Q. pproximately what A market worth over £2bn? percentage of UK residents with a limiting disability do UKTS 2009 3 not take a holiday that lasts H ealth Survey for England 2001 4 at least a week each year? 5 w travel-industry.html A. 50%6 6 D CMS Taking Part Survey 2007/0806 07
  5. 5. “ ou need to look regularly at how Y What’s driving visitors use your attraction and ask: if we changed something how would it improve accessibility? the visitor experience? There are benefits What makes you decide to invest for everyone.” in particular facilities? CustomerDr George Muirhead, feedback? Legal obligations? Your About usLocomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon own experience? Why did you decide to offer vegetarian options? Because Kim and Terry Lord run your customers weren’t prepared to The Ramblers, a six bedroom VisitEngland 4 star guest accept only a cheese omelette and house near Mablethorpe on moved to your competitors who the Lincolnshire coast. already offered more imaginative options? Your disabled customers’ We speak to all our visitors and ability to travel, to enjoy and to share soon pick up if there’s anything we experiences has escalated and with can provide which will improve it their expectations of businesses their stay. For example, some like yours. visitors with arthritis find a full size kettle too heavy so we provide travel kettles as an alternative. An accessible ATTITUDE: To accommodate one person’s • Always asks - never assumes. condition we were asked to move • Sees the person not the disability. the bedroom furniture around. We • Understands that accessibility didn’t make an issue of it and and quality go hand in hand. rearranged the room to suit. Now that visitor stays with us four times Bottom Line a year and we’ve welcomed two other families directly from her 1. atch the VisitEngland video W recommendation. It cost nothing, featuring businesses from around just 10 minutes of our time but our the country talking about their business gained over £1,000 from experiences in improving that one satisfied visitor. accessibility www.visitengland. org/improveaccess 2. heck page 15 for your starting C point to improve accessibility.08 09
  6. 6. 60 is the new 40 Q. hich of the following W celebrities have a learning We may try to resist but ultimately disability? we’re all getting older. By 2025 T om Cruise/Cher/ more than a third of the UK’s Whoopi Goldberg population will be over the age of 557. Older people may be surfing A. All of them the internet and bungee-jumping 13m but they still benefit from more accessible accommodation, attractions and restaurants. They may welcome a large print menu, more places to sit down or a support rail next to the toilet, even if they’d never dream of asking for it. The Generation Game The make-up of ‘family groups’ is changing and it’s imperative your Bottom Line business recognises this. It is common to see extended families travelling 1. ake sure you appeal to older M together. They may include different visitors – can you provide a generations and different access needs. magnifying sheet/magnifying glass or a spare pair of reading Increasingly grandparents are becoming glasses? the main carers for children. Over 13 million grandparents act as the chauffeur 2. mall changes make a difference S for a holiday or short break and they – lever taps on sinks can be clock up 3.8 billion miles per year8. easier for all customers to use. 3. heck your policies are flexible C BArriers ARE Bad e.g. can you fast track those • TVs without subtitles can unable to stand in queues?“ ccess statements I have read focus on A access for people with reduced mobility. exclude deaf people from 4. t’s an opportunity for off-peak I I need information for people who are enjoying television. business – are you offering deaf: induction loops, captions on videos, • Lack of space to move is a problem incentives or packages with other for wheelchair users, pushchairs businesses to capture this market? subtitled TV, BSL signers etc.” and suitcases alike.Access to tourism: disabled people’s views, 2010 Office for National Statistics 7 Sky Motoring, 2009 810 11
  7. 7. The world is watching We don’t always associate disabled people with sport but that’s changing. In 1948, the UK started the world Paralympic movement. The British Paralympic team’s success in 2008 brought it to our attention and this will increase when we host the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. These events bring a media magnifying glass that extends beyond sport to focus on our heritage and culture as well as our warmth of welcome, customer service and facilities. Are you ready to show the world how accessible and welcoming you are? Bottom Line 1. ake sure you are at ease and M confident with disability – sign up Adjustments are good for disability awareness training. • They are as simple as large 2. heck out the key skills and C print menus or hypoallergenic knowledge templates devised bedding. for your front line staff and • They are quickly recognised management team – and rewarded on TripAdvisor or Facebook. improveaccess2012 “ ccessible restaurants and pubs which A provide excellent customer service will attract disabled people, their friends and Q. pproximately what A percentage of disabled people family. 18% of disabled customers visit use a wheelchair? restaurants at least once a week and 22% visit at least two or three times a month.” A.8%9 (Only!)C ited in Disability in the UK, 2010 (DoH/Papworth Trust)9 Pizza Express 12 13
  8. 8. Where can I find…?Every journey begins with information. “ always find out essential IInaccurate or non-existent information information such as levelis unhelpful at best, damaging at access and availability ofworst. If someone looks for a business cabs before I go, mainlywhere there’s room to manoeuvre via the internet.”a wheelchair or buggy or where Access to tourism: disabled people’s views, 2010the menu accommodates dietaryrequirements – will they find you? Bottom LineAssumptions are bad 1. ake information easy to M find, welcoming and inspiring•I “t’s too expensive and I never – have your web developers have disabled customers” – followed the World Wide Web are you sure? Consortium guidelines? (W3C)•“It’s irrelevant because the law “ ll investments in greater accessibility A doesn’t apply to me” – the have repaid themselves within one or two 2. Check information is Accessible, Equality Act 2010 applies to all years. And the recent update of access Accurate, Available, and tourism businesses. Appropriate. Would your access information on our website repaid itself in information pass a Vischeck three months.” test? Magnus Bergland – Scandic Hotels.14
  9. 9. Your map through access Customer service and trainingTo access the tools and resources below visit Banish the fear factor, gain confidence through eview checklists to identify the skills and R knowledge required in your business. ccess for All (online). A atch the Profiting W ccessible Travel Made Easy (online). A through Accessible orldHost Customers with Disabilities (half day). W Tourism video elcome All (1 day). W Hear from other tourism businesses. Information, communication and marketing Shout about what you do well Create an Access Statement ead Easy does it R A description of your facilities services to Simple, low-cost inform people with access needs. changes. Join OpenBritain Be confident - A published guide and website used by disabled Get started concentrate on these visitors and tourists. three areas Enter the Enjoy England Awards for now the law K Excellence and/or the Cateys T he Equality Act 2010 Promote your business using national replaces the Disability accessibility awards. Discrimination Act Check your website is easy to navigate 1995. Does design meet W3C guidelines? heck out business C Facilities case studies Small changes can benefit many Find out what others are doing. Apply to VisitEngland for One Step Ahead and the National Accessible Scheme (Accommodation). Apply to VisitEngland for the Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme (Attractions). ommission a professional access audit.
  10. 10. This booklet has been produced The Forum was set up in 2008 toon behalf of the DCMS Accessible bring stakeholders in the tourismTourism Stakeholder Forum for industry together to help drivethe 2012 Games. It builds on and forward work to improve tourism forupdates information and statistics disabled visitors.set out in Accessible tourism:making it work for your business.Published by VisitEngland The information in this publication1 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5HX is given in good faith and everyT 020 7578 1400 effort has been made to ensure itsF 020 7578 1405 accuracy. VisitEngland can no responsibility for any error or misrepresentation. All liability forVisitEngland incorporated under the loss, disappointment, negligence orDevelopment of Tourism Act 1969 other damage caused by relianceas British Tourist Authority on the information contained in this© British Tourist Authority publication is hereby excluded.(trading as VisitEngland) 2011 Printed in EnglandPhotography creditsBritainonview - Pawel LiberaP12 © London OrganisingCommittee of the Olympic Gamesand Paralympic Games Ltd.For a large print or plain text version of thisdocument email qad@visitengland.orgWith thanks to: