Washington Heads the New Government


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Presentation about a few of the things established by the first President of the United States, including a little bit about Alexander Hamilton's economic plans

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Washington Heads the New Government

  2. 2. GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION 1. What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 establish?  Set up the federal court system  determined the number of judges on the Supreme Court  established federal circuit and district courts  Allowed state court decisions involving the federal Constitution to be appealed to a federal court
  3. 3. GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION 2. What departments did Washington create and whom did he appoint to head them? State Thomas Jefferson Foreign Affairs War Henry Knox War/Defense Treasury Alexander Hamilton Government Finances Attorney General Edmund Randolph Legal Advisor
  4. 4. PHILOSOPHIES OF GOVERNMENT  Distrusted centralized power  Trusted the common people  Favored centralized power  Distrusted the common people 3. How did Jefferson feel about political power and the common people? 4. How did Hamilton feel about political power and the common people?
  5. 5. PHILOSOPHIES OF GOVERNMENT  Believed it was unconstitutional  Believed it would help to organize and stabilize the nation’s finances  believed it would tie wealthy investors to the nation’s success 5. Why did Jefferson and Madison opposed the national bank? 6. Why did Hamilton support the national bank?
  6. 6. PARTY POLITICS  Republican  Federalist 7. To which party did Jefferson belong? 8. To which party did Hamilton belong? 9. Why did Washington distrust the two-party system? • He saw political parties as a danger to national unity and national safety.