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Manifest destiny


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Brief PowerPoint including slides about Manifest Destiny and trails west.

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Manifest destiny

  1. 1. Moving West
  2. 2.  The belief that God has ordained that Americans should expand west
  3. 3.  Main draw – land  Owning land was an important first step toward prosperity  Land was a measure of wealth because the resources on the land can be used for production  Other   Reasons Expanding markets Fresh start – economic trouble
  4. 4. Black Hawk War  Facing famine and hostile Sioux, the Sauk and Fox tribes sought land to get in a corn crop  The Illinois militia chased them into Wisconsin territory and inflicted a gruesome massacre on of women and children  This war will be best known for two native Kentuckians who will be opponents later: Lt. Jefferson Davis and Capt. Abraham Lincoln
  5. 5. Black Hawk War    Due to continued pressure from the US to move west, the Sauk, led by Black Hawk, led a rebellion against the US Fought over rights to land – Native Americans lose and are forcibly removed to land WEST of Mississippi River continued pattern of Native American groups being pushed farther west by white settlers
  6. 6. Treaty of Fort Laramie  Increasing westward settlement led to more conflict  To respond settlers’ fears, US agreed with several tribes “to maintain good faith and friendship in all their mutual intercourse, and to make an effective and lasting peace.”  These tribes were given control of lands of the north central plains  US would be allowed to build forts and roads and make annual payments  The US Government continually violated the treaty
  7. 7. Treaty of Fort Laramie  Agreement between the US Government and several Midwestern tribes who guaranteed not to attack white settlers moving West  US Government agreed to honor boundaries  US Government repeatedly violated it’s side of the agreement
  8. 8.  Aside from settlers two other groups moved across the west  traders and missionaries
  9. 9.  Santa   Fe Trail From Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico Traders took cloth, guns, knives and returned with gold, silver and furs  Oregon    Trail From Independence, MO to Portland, OR Methods of travel: 1) prairie schooners or 2) walking Why Oregon? – plenty of rain and fertile soil
  10. 10.  Mormon      Trail moving west to escape religious persecution Practice that caused so much controversy – polygamy or (the practice of having more than one wife) Led west by Brigham Young Eventually settled in an area they called Salt Lake City
  11. 11. Oregon Territory  The U.S. and Britain had been sharing the Oregon Territory.  President Polk used the slogan “Fifty-four Forty or Fight” to gain support for annexing (adding) the Oregon Territory  Britain eventually agreed and the US Boundary extended all the way to the Puget Sound  The US’s northern boundary with Canada is now established