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Jefferson Alters the Nation's Course


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Brief presentation about Jefferson's administration highlighting the key domestic and foreign problems.

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Jefferson Alters the Nation's Course

  1. 1. Election of 1800 Describe the Election of 1800…  Who won?  How was it decided?  What were the keys to Jefferson’s victory and Adams’ defeat?
  2. 2. Midnight Judges  literally  fulfilling the Judiciary Act of 1801, Adams appointed dozens of Federalists as judges to fill newly created positions, and John Marshall as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court  Adams left these appointments to be delivered by Jefferson when he took office the next  Jefferson refused to deliver the appointments to fill these positions with Democratic-Republicans (DR)
  3. 3. Key Trends in Jefferson’s Administration 1) How did Jefferson simplify the federal government?  informal style  walking to his inauguration  not wearing a wig  casual clothing  reduced the size of government and military  cut costs  eliminated internal taxes  reduced the influence of the national bank (BUS)  favored free-trade over government controlled trade
  4. 4. Key Trends in Jefferson’s Administration 2) How did Jefferson’s presidency help bring about Southern dominance in federal politics?  the first President to be inaugurated in Washington, DC (a southern city)  as a moderate, Jefferson won the support of many people at the expense of the Federalists (who were dominant in the north)  moderate: someone whose opinion is more toward the middle than to one extreme or the other  national expansion favored D-R because the D-R represented farmers’ interests
  5. 5. Key Trends in Jefferson’s Administration 3) How did the Federalists lose power during the Jefferson administration?  impact of Jefferson as a moderate (see previous slide)  impact of national expansion on the Federalists (see previous slide)  Hamilton, an important Federalist was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr
  6. 6. Marbury v. Madison Describe the case of Marbury v. Madison
  7. 7. Marbury v. Madison 4) What was the long-term importance of the Supreme Court’s decision in Marbury v. Madison?  affirmed the principle of Judicial Review  the ability of the Supreme Court to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional Read pages 206-207 to get a better understanding of the importance of this case!
  8. 8. Louisiana Purchase 5) How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the United States and its government?  doubled the size of US territory  expanded the power of the presidency and the central government (contrary to Jefferson’s political ideas) 6) Who led the exploration of  Meriwether Lewis and William Clark the Louisiana Territory?