French & Indian War


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Brief Presentation about the Gains and Loses from the French and Indian War, part of the Seven Years War.

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French & Indian War

  1. 1. The French & Indian War Section 3.4
  2. 2. Motivations 1. Why did France and Britain fight in the war?  to gain control of the Ohio Valley  to expand their empires The “French and Indian War” was a smaller part of a world-wide war between England and France that took place on 4 continents (The Seven Years War)
  3. 3. Motivations 2. Why did the British colonies fight?  A desire to expand the colonies westward to the Ohio Valley to expand their empires  Some felt loyalty to Great Britain Westward expansion meant new land, more resources, which would become more wealth
  4. 4. Motivation Key Ohio Valley
  5. 5. Motivations 3. Why did the Native Americans fight?  To honor military alliances  to gain the benefits of supporting the victor in a war Since the war was fought over the land they lived on, the Native Americans had a vested interest in the outcome of the war Most sided with the French because they had far fewer settlers (~70,000 French vs. ~1,000,000 British)
  6. 6. Winners & Losers 4. What did Britain gain as a result of the war?  Canada  virtually all of North America east of the Mississippi River Spain, as an ally to France, lost lands to the British as well – especially parts of Florida
  7. 7. Winners & Losers
  8. 8. Winners & Losers 5. What did Britain lose?  Lives  the colonists’ respect  a good deal of money
  9. 9. Winners & Losers 6. What did the colonies gain as a result of the war?  Access to what had been French territories
  10. 10. Winners & Losers 7. What did the colonies lose?  Lives  profits from trade (due to increased taxation to pay off Britain’s war debt)  some rights commonly held by British subjects
  11. 11. Winners & Losers 8. What did France lose as a result of the war?  Lives  all of their American territories other than a few small islands
  12. 12. Winners & Losers 9. What did war cost Native Americans?  Lives  the aid and friendship of the French  protection from the British
  13. 13. George Washington  Unsuccessful military commander (Colonel) – lost attack on Fort Duquesne, and forfeited Fort Necessity  Lost Fort Ticonderoga, but his courage and bravery gained him fame
  14. 14. George Grenville  British Finance minister who imposed many of the taxes the colonists hated  Reviled (hated) by the colonists  King liked his mercantilist policies because it helped England recover financially from the Seven Years War
  15. 15. William Pitt
  16. 16. Pontiac
  17. 17. Proclamation of 1763