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Ruby's metaphors of research


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Research is like eating ice cream!

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Ruby's metaphors of research

  1. 1. Ruby Ann Marie G. AngaraIII – BS Psychology WF 9-10:30 am If research were a color it would be white. When I think of the color white I remember apiece of paper. Other colors are easily seen when they are with the color white. Other colors suchas blue, red and green etc., serve as the ideas or thoughts that come from other people. Theycompliment white and make it look good as a whole.
  2. 2. If research were a process it would be like eating an ice cream. Before buying an icecream, you will choose a flavor like in research you will choose a topic that you want to workon. Then, after choosing the ice cream, you will start eating it from top to bottom. It will takesome time before you finish eating but then, it will all be worth it in the end. Some ice creamcones have a little surprise at the bottom which will be your bonus.Sources:Color cream,r:25,s:100,i:79