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Garchi's Metaphor of Research


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Garchi's metaphor of research is a rubik's cube

Published in: Education
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Garchi's Metaphor of Research

  2. 2. If research were a thing, it would be a Rubiks Cube.
  3. 3. This puzzle is a struggle to solve; it hasits ups and downs and twists and turns.
  4. 4. The end line consists of a confusingjourney where at times one might feellike he or she is doing it correctly and otherwise.
  5. 5. Like research, the Rubiks cube has a number of ways for it to be fully accomplished
  6. 6. and once done, a sense of fulfillment is achieved and one cant help but smile :-)
  7. 7. If research were a color, it would be the color BROWN.
  8. 8. Brown is a color that only some people admire because it does not look tooenticing to the eyes of others. Brown is similar to research in this way.
  9. 9. It looks boring and dull but actuallyboth are beautiful in their own ways. Ifonly more people could appreciate the two to a much greater extent.