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Jerri's Metaphor of research


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Research is like bungee jumping and white!

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Jerri's Metaphor of research

  1. 1. Jerri ImperialWF 9:00-10:30 Metaphor of Research Research is like the color white. Like the color of sacrifice, research requires us to make some sacrifices as it becomes one of our priorities. GIF animation taken from video: Guren – The Gazette (PS Company)
  2. 2. It costs us money, time, energy, slee p and even friendships. Another reason is that white is the color of death in some countries. Metaphorically speaking, like death, research can leaveGIF animation taken from video: Guren – The Gazette (PS us motionless.Company)
  3. 3. Sometimes we become stuck on a part during the process. Hopefully in the end we find clarity.GIF animation taken from video: Guren – The Gazette (PSCompany)
  4. 4. Research is like bungee jumping, because you have to take a risk and be brave enough to face it especially during the process of thesis defense. It gives you the feeling of falling while in the process but once it is over, it’s the best feeling ever! You will feel weightless, like a huge burden has been lifted.GIF animation taken from video: