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CSS EduCard System


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The EduCard System is a highly secure, scalable and cost-effective solution for the academic environment.

EduCard is a highly secure student identification card with the following standard capabilities:

• Biometric authentication
• Logical Access control
• Stored Value
• Student web portal

The features and functionality of the EduCard Systems can be configured to fit current needs, along with having the ability to easily expand as future needs change and/or additional functions are desired.

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CSS EduCard System

  1. 1. Presents Smartcards in Education Adding Convenience, Multiplying Benefits to Students, Parents and Educators
  2. 2. SmartCards are credit-card sized cards that are imbedded with an ICU (Chip) that holds varying amounts of memory. What is a SmartCard? In essence they are miniature computers capable of running programs as well as storing data. Kayla Rimpici Grade 5 Cornwall Middle School Mrs. Quinn – Room 105 Early Dismissal Pick up – No Bus
  3. 3. • Contactless smart cards only require close proximity to a reader (typically within a few inches) to enable the transmission of data, commands and card status using RFID technology. Both the reader and the card have an internal antenna that securely communicates with each other. Contactless technology is ideal for larger universities and school districts tasked with moving thousands of people through their facilities each day. Contact or Contactless? • Contact smart cards must be inserted into a smart card reader to establish a direct contact between the reader and the smart card surface. This physical contact permits the transmission of data, commands and card status.
  4. 4. The education market presents a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of what the CSS Education Smartcard system, “the EduCard”, can do. Just as students benefit by becoming well versed in a multitude of subjects, so too does the EduCard truly shine while performing multiple applications with one card. Education Applications
  5. 5. Schools are tasked not only with educating their students but also with providing them with a safe environment conducive to learning. The EduCard provides a secure way to identify and authenticate students, alumni, visitors, educators, and other staff. The EduCard is not only a picture ID showing proof of enrollment or employment, but provides biometric authentication and a wealth of other features and benefits for students, alumni, parents, administrators and educators. •Physical Access Secure Identification •Web Portal •Healthcare •Stored Value •Logical Access
  6. 6. Fingerprint Scans offer an even higher level of security Biometric Authentication System
  7. 7. With our patent-pending Picture-on- Chip technology, a physical picture is not only on the face of the card but is encoded into the chip itself. Even if someone alters the picture on the card, the true picture will appear on a monitor as soon as the card is accessed in a reader. This added layer of security ensures identity verification. Quick and easy to create, use it for both students and staff! Know Your People
  8. 8. • Grant access only to specific buildings, dormitories, floors, and rooms • Grant access based on time of day – cards deny access after school hours • Track how often students use facilities and services • Great for students, teachers and other employees Physical Access Ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your schools.
  9. 9. One of the greatest tools in twenty-first century education is the easy access to information. With this access comes the responsibility to keep the information content and age-appropriate. CSS Education Cards keep an automatic log of all users on the school’s network to ensure proper authorization before accessing any information. Logical Access • Grant secure and authorized logins to school and University computers and networks • Grant access based on age, grade, time of day or any other criteria you wish • Provide secure remote access for class registrations – streamline your operations • Verify student use for lab assignments
  10. 10. • The EduCard is the only card a student needs while attending your educational institution. • Use the EduCard to pay for meals, books, uniforms, parking and other incidentals. • Expand the school network to include local businesses and restaurants so that their goods and services can be paid with the EduCard as well. • Grant parental control to determine how much money is available for use. Stored Value Account Stored Value
  11. 11. • Co-Branding opportunities with retail chains and local stores • Report Data back to local businesses regarding purchasing habits • Schools can earn a percentage of each transaction processed. This new revenue stream encourages growth and helps the program pay for itself. Return on Investment
  12. 12. Ambulatory information •Primary Care Physician •Immunization Records •Medications •Allergies •Existing conditions Personal Information •Name/address/phone •Emergency contacts •Insurance Policy information •Even patient wishes Health Care The EduCard acts as a true portable health record for the safety and convenience of your students and staff. It is a highly secure and HIPAA compliant identification card that holds:
  13. 13. CSS provides each institution with a personalized, secure internet web portal where students, parents and school personnel can access the information contained on their EduCard. CSS realizes that the EduCard is a tool that must provide benefits to every party who comes into contact with it. School Administrators: • Streamline Registration • Generate reports regarding facility and network usage • Track co-branding opportunities and revenue streams • Add/modify access to buildings and network assets • Send news to all cardholders and parents Alumni: • Receive and send newsletters • Collect and pay for alumni dues • Marketing – offer new services to your member base including portable health record information. • Access to school intranet and other school facilities. • Buy tickets to school events. Parents: • Enter student’s personal and medical information • Add/restrict stored value account balances • Change back-end credit card information • Run reports showing what, where, and when funds were spent. • Get school alerts • Track your child’s grades and progress. Students: • Check their transcripts and schedules • Register for classes • Check stored value account balances • Buy supplies from the school online stores • Follow links to school websites and research sites • Gain secure access to school intranet Web Portal
  14. 14. “Students are not the only ones learning something new in high schools today. Growing numbers of high school administrators are turning to smart cards to improve security and reduce vandalism and intrusions on campuses. The cards also make it more convenient for students to gain access to equipment, charge cafeteria meals and even buy prom tickets. Many schools already have photo ID systems in place, so integrating smart cards is a logical progression for students and administrators. The process can be simple and successful.” -- American School & University Magazine September 2005 A Smart Move
  15. 15. Whenever the CSS EduCard is written to or changed in any way, it runs a program that seeks out an Internet connection. Upon access, it forms a highly secure, encrypted tunnel into the CSS Data Center or your local server (your choice) where it saves a copy of those changes and a creates a record of who made them. How Does It Work?
  16. 16. Our goal at Inter-Card Biometrics is to enable our clients to receive the maximum benefits of smartcard technology. CSS works very closely with its clients to understand their business processes in order to thoroughly assess their needs. Secure ID Stored Value Biometrics & Picture-on-Chip Credit / Debit Capabilities Pick from a Menu of Services CSS’s Modular Approach to Smartcard Solutions • Implement Solutions in Less Time and for Less Money • Changes are Made Quickly Make changes and add new functions without the need for card re-issuance Event Tracking Physical & Logical Access Real Time Information Contact & Contactless Cards A Unique Approach
  17. 17. Add fingerprint scans for added security! How Safe Is It? All data stored on the card is also stored in a duplicate record on the backend servers allowing for quick and easy replacement of lost or stolen cards. Each card has a 16-bit identifier. Replacing a card gives that record a new number and the lost or stolen card number is now being actively sought by the system. If the lost card is ever placed in a reader on the network, the system will recognize that it has been replaced and send a “spike” or erase command and render the card unusable.
  18. 18. Readers go everywhere access is needed. Classrooms, labs, offices, dormitories, stadiums and sports arenas, even local stores can all get readers. To be a part the network to access the EduCard, all you need is a computer, a reader and internet access. Get information from anywhere in the world! Where Do You Put Readers?
  19. 19. CSS uses state of the art technology like biometrics, smart cards, and both land and satellite based internet in new and innovative ways to enable Educational Institutions, Governments, and private businesses to address the security concerns today’s world presents as well as to offer tools to help build strong communities and bright futures while providing quantifiable proof of the success of those efforts. Who is CSS? Identifying Hope. Qualifying Actions. Quantifying Success.
  20. 20. For more information please contact: Mark Bushée +1-845-849-4467 Learn More About CSS and the EduCard