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Get Satisfaction in Action


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How customer community support works in the real world our there...

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Get Satisfaction in Action

  1. 1. Widgetbox provides casual content publishers self-service tools to create highly engaging Web widgets, Facebook Fan Pages, and mobile Web sites. Providing both free and subscription-based solutions, Widgetbox strives to make it fun and easy to distribute your content across the Web, leading social networks, and mobile devices. Since 2006, Widgetbox has helped millions of people create and share their Widgetbox: Seamlessly content, reach new users, and drive traffic. Integrating Community into From the outset, Widgetbox knew that Their Support Mix customer service would be at the center of With Dave Rhea, Manager of Quality Assurance their business. They knew they needed a and Customer Support at Widgetbox true customer service strategy, preferably one that could scale with an exponentially growing installed base. Without building an army of support staff, Widgetbox is able to Executive Summary support their 1.5 million active users and increase customer interaction, while Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years lowering their support volume by half. to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin Here’s how they do it: it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” However, what’s radically different today is that social media platforms • Communicate support strategies give companies the tools to interact with through site design. their customers and establish a strong • Create a customer-centered internal reputation much more quickly than 20 years culture. of brand building. What hasn’t changed is • Choose support mechanisms that play that companies must put their customers nice together. atw the center of their business to maintain • Make user experience the #1 priority. a good reputation. • Focus on the business. Let the experts This case study highlights the experiences help with support. of Dave Rhea, Manager of Quality • Cultivate a long-term view about Assurance and Customer Support at support systems. Widgetbox, who uses Get Satisfaction to provide customers with a highly social support experience, as well as ZenDesk for internal workflow and ticket tracking. He will Best Practice: Integrate Customer coach us through some best practices to Community into Support Mix seamlessly integrate community into their support mix, while dramatically improving customer satisfaction and lowering costs. Integrating community into your support mix requires a considerable amount of strategic planning. Widgetbox had the courage to Situation: Widgetbox uses community- scratch an existing support system and based social media (Get Satisfaction) and build a truly integrated one — one that could an integrated help-desk system (Zendesk) deliver the business customer experience to keep their customers satisfied. they desired. Their experience is very applicable to companies who are looking to enhance existing support with social media.
  2. 2. Figure 1: Encouraging customer-to-customer problem solving. COMMUNICATE SUPPORT STRATEGIES CREATE A CUSTOMER-CENTERED THROUGH SITE DESIGN INTERNAL CULTURE Widgetbox limits their support to two To foster a customer-centered culture, channels. They offer traditional help-desk Widgetbox started by getting everyone in email support through a ticketing system, the company involved in their Get Zendesk, and they rely on Get Satisfaction Satisfaction community. Now, when a new for community-based support. Their goal is topic is posted, everyone receives an email. to empower their users to find answers Widgetbox believes that the responsibility of through the community first. Therefore, the responsive support should not be assigned majority of the links on their site encourages to a small group of people in the company. people to visit Get Satisfaction. Users can Engineering and business departments search and find answers to their questions need to participate and pay attention to without opening a help-desk ticket. If users questions and issues so they can discuss can’t find an answer, they can post a topic them throughout the day. themselves, and other users can quickly When it comes to active management, jump in to help. Or, an employee can Widgetbox has set up filters in their Get respond on Get Satisfaction, either by Satisfaction Management View to identify replying to the post or by pulling it directly the most recent questions and most recent into their Zendesk system. One key to their replies. And, Dave regularly monitors the success in using these two systems is the community to make sure issues are way they have — via their site’s design — resolved. set the right expectations for customers about how to contact them. This consistent site design has paid off.
  3. 3. CHOOSE SUPPORT MECHANISMS THAT FOCUS ON THE BUSINESS. LET THE PLAY NICE TOGETHER EXPERTS HELP WITH SUPPORT Widgetbox switched to using Zendesk as There are other forums and solutions out their ticket-tracking system partly because there that incorporate community. After of its seamless integration with Get researching his options extensively, Dave Satisfaction. They wanted their external chose Get Satisfaction because he facing aspect of support and their internal ultimately wanted Widgetbox’s resources to system to effortlessly complement each be focused on building widgets and not other. With their support strategy of putting building a community site. They came to the community first, Widgetbox then uses conclusion that other options might require a full-time person to maintain the site and Zendesk to pull in topics that require that it might take a lot to get set up. The big digging into personal and private pluses that Widgetbox gets from using Get information, or that simply need more Satisfaction are the software-as-a-service attention or might require a high touch. (SaaS) model and the ease of having Get Zendesk gives them just the right amount Satisfaction host the site. of features to manage conversations that need to take place off-site. As Dave notes, A lot of questions Widgetbox had about the “We don’t want users to see that we are mechanics of how to “do” community-based using two separate support systems.” With support — “How should we interact when the smooth Get Satisfaction integration, the someone asks a question? How will final Zendesk resolution can easily be customers know when the question is pushed back to the community to share, if answered” — were already clearly spelled desired. out by Get Satisfaction. By relying on Get Satisfaction as the expert in community support, Widgetbox was able to turn their MAKE USER EXPERIENCE #1 PRIORITY focus on building the world’s best widget platform. It just made business sense. “Single sign-on is huge for us. Anytime you are taking a registered user, who obviously CONCLUSION has enough of an issue to interact with support, to another site — if they then have to create and manage another login that The Get Satisfaction + Zendesk integration could be a showstopper for them to actually was an easy decision for Widgetbox from talk to us. We want as many people the perspective of both costs and benefits. interacting with us about their issues as A SaaS-based community and help-desk possible.” Widgetbox realized early on that solution freed them up from long-term user experience, even on their support site, maintenance costs. At the same time, they is critical to the overall impression enable a support strategy that can scale as customers have of the company. You have the business grows — more customers to make it easy for customers to talk to you. translates to more topics and more Widgetbox saw an increase as soon as the customers helping each other. Add Zendesk Single Sign-On feature was implemented. for ticket tracking and internal workflow, Users became more willing to post on Get and you have a killer app for crowd-sourced Satisfaction instead of getting frustrated. customer support. About Get Satisfaction Get Satisfaction is revolutionizing customer service by applying the principles of crowd-sourcing and community to the customer-service experience. Companies who use the Get Satisfaction social CRM platform achieve significant reductions in support costs while at the same time increasing customer retention and loyalty by providing an authentic, engaged, and thriving customer support community. Join the conversation at