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37 free tools on the net TTLA'11


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The same presentation as above, with a few additions and subtractions

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37 free tools on the net TTLA'11

  1. 1. 37 Free Tools on the Net Mark Buckland twitter @mjbuckland Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership
  2. 2. 3 types of tools: • Freeware • Web 2.0 Tools and Services • Firefox Add-ons
  3. 3. Freeware •Apple website (use the ) •Google Searches • •
  4. 4. Firefox An Internet Web Browser. A ‘faster’alternative to Safari on the Mac, or Internet Explorer on the PC.
  5. 5. Vienna An RSS (Rich SiteSummary) feed reader. This means it automatically retrieves information andarticles from websites that you regularly visit.
  6. 6. Skype A communication tool. Free calls, video calls andinstant messaging over the internet. Also has the ability to make paid calls.
  7. 7. VLC A media player. Playsalmost any video file type. Available in Mac and PC versions.
  8. 8. HandbrakeA DVD Ripper. Creates video files on your computer of DVDs. Copyright issues very‘fuzzy’. Requires VLC.
  9. 9. Jing Screen capturing. Easily capture a short movie of your screen, or a portion of it, and save as a flash movie file.
  10. 10. Flip4MacComponents that you add to Quicktime to enable playback of Windows Media Video and Audio(.wmv and .wma) files.
  11. 11. MindNodeA basic mind-mappingapplication. Simple and easy to use.
  12. 12. Highlight A screen-writingapplication. Allows you to write on top of what is shown.
  13. 13. The UnarchiverAn application that ‘unzips’ or decompresses many different kinds of compressed files.
  14. 14. BurnAn applications that makesburning discs easy. You canmake data, audio and video discs, as well as copy a non-protected disc.
  15. 15. Image TricksAn application for editing images and pictures.
  16. 16. Apimac TimerTimer Application. Can use as a countdown timer, a stop watch, or an alarm clock
  17. 17. Timer Very simple count-up or count-down.
  18. 18. AnxietyProductivity Application. Afancy term for a to-do list. Very basic, and simple to use. Next is Web2.0 tools...
  19. 19. Disk Inventory X Maps out your hard drive so you can see where allyour space has gone. Fully integrates into Finder. Next is Web2.0 tools...
  20. 20. Web 2.0 Tools/Services •Cool Tools for Schools a ‘one stop shop’ for anything you want or need on the Internet. •Google Searches •Magazines, eg. Interface
  21. 21. DeliciousBookmark storing website. Allows you (and class) tostore your websites online, so they are accessible from anywhere with a connection.
  22. 22. Live Binder Just like a real binder, you can store resources. Save files, bookmarks, videos, pictures, and so on.
  23. 23. Voicethread A website that holds multimedia and allowspeople to comment, createand join discussions relating to specific topics.
  24. 24. Wordle A website that createsword clouds from a list ofwords of a body of text.
  25. 25. WorditoutAnother word-cloud website that give‘more control’ over the final product.
  26. 26. Story CreatorA website that allows you tocreate a storywith slides that you build.
  27. 27. Piratepad / Typewith.meCollaborative writing. Allows multiple users to write simultaneously on one document in real time. Uses EtherPad protocol, whose has been bought and shut down by Google.
  28. 28. Shelfari Book recordingsite. Users ‘store’ the books theyhave read, reading or plan to read.
  29. 29. Pic Lits Writing / PoetrySite. Allows users to drag pre-setwords to create a sentence in response to apicture. Can also write ‘freestlye’
  30. 30. Slideshare Presentation sharing. Users upload presentations forothers to view and download.
  31. 31. Tutpup Maths and Basic Facts Practice. Students compete against others from around the world to answer the more questions.
  32. 32. Searches Flickr for imagesCompfight with keywords, providing faster and more accurate results.
  33. 33. Copy a link from YouTube (orZamZar other video sites) and have a video converted into any format.
  34. 34. Shorten long web addresses for greater ease of use. is an alternative,customisable, but popular, so most have already gone Next are Firefox Add-ons...
  35. 35. Firefox Add-ons •In Firefox, click on Tools, then on Add-ons. •Google Searches
  36. 36. Cooliris View a large group of photos easier and faster.
  37. 37. DownloadStatusBarView and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar - without the download window getting in the way.
  38. 38. VideoDownloadHelperDownload videos from YouTube-like sites. Also works also for audioand picture galleries.
  39. 39. 1-Click YouTube VideoDownload videos from YouTubewith one click. flv, mp4 or 3gp
  40. 40. Download YouTube VideosDownload videos from YouTubeby clicking on the “Download”button.
  41. 41. ReadItLaterSaves websites/pages for readingat another time, without filling youbookmarks menu.
  42. 42. Read Later FastSaves websites/pages for readingat another time, without filling youbookmarks menu.
  43. 43. ScreenGrabAllows you to take a picture of anentire webpage or a selection.
  44. 44. Awesome ScreenshotTakes a photo of your webpage,and allows you to annotate beforeyou save.
  45. 45. SearchPreviewThe extensioninserts previewimages of web sitesinto the Google,Yahoo and Bingsearch resultspages.
  46. 46. This add-on provides directFast Dial access to your most visited websites. Create your own ‘homepage’.