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INFLUENTIAL is a full service content marketing firm.We work with emerging growth companies creating compelling content th...
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About Influential Strategies


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About Influential Strategies

  1. 1. INFLUENTIAL is a full service content marketing firm.We work with emerging growth companies creating compelling content that drives marketing programsto “Influence the Influencers”. Leading software companies such as Actuate Corporation, FortifySoftware, Guidewire, MarkLogic, Mark Monitor and Xignite and have relied on us to position their brand,message their story, set content strategy, establish thought leadership in the market, and promote theirproducts to key audiences with relevant content.Over the last decade, principal consultant Michael Teeling and his network of expert affiliates haveserviced more than 35 technology clients in sectors as diverse as ERP/CRM, business intelligence,enterprise content & collaboration, IT business management, information security, systems integration,application development & testing, and web apps/web services.INFLUENTIAL specializes in emerging growth technology companies.The majority of our clients sell B2B software or technology services. Influential specializes in helping$10-100M startups whose marketing management typically lack the time and attention necessary toconsistently create compelling, branded content – they are too busy managing product, selling customers,running lead generation or juggling multiple roles.Our clients all have another thing in common. They want and need end-to-end marketing execution - butrequire that each and every project or program be performed strategically and on budget. Our flexible,modular approach to outsourcing allows clients to match the exact content marketing services requiredwith their unique strategic objectives and budget model. Its our pleasure to take the heavy lifting off yourhands while delivering excellent results.Our small but mighty virtual team can advise and support nearly every aspect of content marketing –uniting domain specialists under a one-stop single contract model thats easy for our clients. TheInfluential Affiliate Network includes social media specialists, killer graphic designers, SEO practitioners,Flash/web developers, and event managers that can be engaged (or released) as necessary. We workequally well in a content strategy and creation role with your in-house team and agencies-of-record.Michael Teeling knows enterprise software marketing. Influential’s principal consultant Michael Teeling is a technology marketing veteran with 20 years of agency and private/public corporation experience and more than 15 years in Silicon Valley. He is an expert in go-to-market strategy, brand identity, executive coaching, and reaching the key influencers that move markets. Mike founded Influential Strategies in 2000 after stints as Dave Duffield’s personal publicist (PeopleSoft 1994-97), VC/author Geoffrey Moore’s book publicist (“Inside the Tornado”, “The Gorilla Game”),and the first PR agent for successful startups like BroadVision, Tumbleweed Communications andBrightware. Over the last decade, he has been retained as interim marketing executive advising themanagement teams of Active Decisions (1998-2000), Actuate Corporation (2001-05), Netwoven (2006-08), Fortify Software (acq. by HP, 2009-10), and CygNet Software (acq. by Weatherford Intl., 2009-2011).Mike is a relentless “Content Czar” that employs the latest content marketing techniques and Enterprise2.0 methods to constantly challenge his clients, “What did we publish today?”INFLUENTIAL prides itself on past customer success, and has the references to prove it.See our endorsements on LinkedIn1440 Broadway, Suite 810, Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 893-1223