MB Scambi Culturali - Anno Scolastico in CANADA


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MB Scambi Culturali - Anno Scolastico in CANADA

  1. 1. International Student Program
  2. 2. Welcome to Canada
  3. 3. Canada is an excellent place to live and to study
  4. 4. Canada ranked the best place in the world The United Nations has ranked Canada #1 as the best place in the world to live more times than any other country.
  5. 5. Superior education Canada's education system ranks amongst the best in the world and, above all, in native English-speaking countries.
  6. 6. Education system in Canada • Education is controlled by the government of each province in Canada • Students are required to attend school from 6 – 16 years • School starts at Grade 1 (6 years old) and finishes at Grade 12 (17 years old) except for Quebec – grade 11 + 2 years CGEP • Students may stay in school up to 19 years of age, if necessary • A public school education is free for Canadians • Fewer than 3% of students attend private schools
  7. 7. • Kindergarten(optional) starts at age 5 • Elementary school is from Grade 1 – 7 • Secondary school is from Grade 8 – 12 • University: Bachelors Degree = 4 years Masters Degree = 2 more years Doctorate = 2 or more years after Masters
  8. 8. • In British Columbia students are required to complete 80 credits (equivalent to 20 courses) during Grades 10, 11, & 12 to graduate • In order to be eligible for university, B.C. students must also pass Provincial exams in required subjects at Grades 10, 11 & 12
  9. 9. Required courses (B.C.) • English 10, 11, 12 • Math 10, 11 • Social Studies 10, 11 • Science 10 • Science 11 or 12 • Physical Education 10 • Fine Arts and/or Applied skills 10, 11, 12 • Planning 10 • Minimum 7 elective courses • Graduation Portfolio
  10. 10. • A British Columbia Graduation Diploma allows students the opportunity to enter colleges and universities in North America and many countries abroad
  11. 11. Burnaby, City of Parks
  12. 12. Located in the Centre of Greater Vancouver
  13. 13. 20-25 minutes from downtown Vancouver by Skytrain Photo: Josh Novosad
  14. 14. 40-45 minutes from Vancouver International Airport by car
  15. 15. Enjoy a mild climate In Summer
  16. 16. In Fall Photo: Roozbeh Farahbod
  17. 17. In Winter
  18. 18. In Spring
  19. 19. Safe, welcoming neighbourhoods
  20. 20. Burnaby, so much to experience
  21. 21. Beautiful public golf courses open to all
  22. 22. Eight Rinks Sports Arena
  23. 23. Deer Lake
  24. 24. Local mountains 30 minutes away
  25. 25. Shop at Canada’s 2nd largest shopping centre Metrotown in Burnaby
  26. 26. 4th largest School District in British Columbia Study in the Burnaby Public School District
  27. 27. Top quality academic program
  28. 28. Most diverse Visual and Performing Arts Program
  29. 29. Competitive sports program
  30. 30. Excellent support for international students
  31. 31. Top Quality Academic Program
  32. 32. Burnaby School District Burnaby schools are recognized for their academic programming and wide range of opportunities
  33. 33. Highly ranked schools
  34. 34. Each year Burnaby students exceed the provincial average in the: • number of students graduating • number of students being awarded scholarships • number of students successfully entering post-secondary
  35. 35. Number of students graduating
  36. 36. Number of students awarded scholarships School Graduates (Sept. 30/08) School-based Scholarships District-based Scholarships External Awards/ Scholarships Total Alpha 174 $19,575.00 $9,150.00 $231,825.00 $260,550.00 Burnaby Central 307 $26,350.00 $5,875.00 $902,550.00 $934,775.00 Burnaby Mountain 307 $94,805.00 $9,350.00 $436,000.00 $540,155.00 Burnaby North 447 $34,284.00 $7,125.00 $1,206,203.00 $1,247,612.00 Burnaby South 338 $24,725.00 $9,000.00 $505,500.00 $539,225.00 Byrne Creek 252 $30,600.00 $6,300.00 $258,750.00 $295,650.00 Cariboo Hill 154 $12,005.00 $6,150.00 $155,500.00 $173,655.00 Moscrop 325 $89,250.00 $7,350.00 $1,062,272.00 $1,158,872.00 TOTAL 2,304 $331,594.00 $60,300.00 $4,758,600.00 $5,150,494.00
  37. 37. Students successfully enter post-secondary In the latest government report, Burnaby ranks as the #2 public school district in British Columbia for the percentage of its students transitioning to BC Post- Secondary Institutions.
  38. 38. Largest Advanced Placement Program in Canada
  39. 39. Tony The impressive number of AP courses offered in Burnaby definitely gave me an edge after coming to college. I was able to skip many of the introductory courses and place directly into upper level ones that are much more useful and interesting. It also allows me greater flexibility in course selection because it eliminates some of the core requirements. I used to hear the complaints that the large AP offerings induce the tendency among students to take AP courses simply because they are AP courses and miss the point. In fact, looking in retrospect some of the AP courses I took that I didn‘t expect to be useful turned out to simplify my life greatly here at Princeton. After all, how can one decide what to do with one's life before even graduating from high school.
  40. 40. AP Courses • English: Literature • Languages: French, Mandarin • Social Studies: Economics, Human Geography, Psychology, World History • Visual and Performing Arts: Design, Drawing, Art History, Music Theory • Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics • Technology: Computer Science • Science: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science
  41. 41. Visual and Performing Arts
  42. 42. Burnaby students have garnered numerous awards in the visual and performing arts, and have been accepted into top music conservatories, art schools and dancing academies Most diverse program in British Columbia
  43. 43. Music Burnaby is the only school district in BC to have music specialists at the elementary school level
  44. 44. Dance Every school has a dance studio
  45. 45. Drama Every school has a theatre
  46. 46. Every school has a variety of art studios Media Arts
  47. 47. Competitive sports teams Basketball Soccer Volleyball Badminton Wrestling Snow boarding Athletics
  48. 48. Academy of Soccer : Burnaby Central Academy of Hockey : Burnaby North Academy of Swimming : Burnaby Mountain Academy of Softball : Burnaby Mountain Academies of Sport
  49. 49. I attend Burnaby North Secondary School in. I came to Canada during a special time of the year: The Winter Olympics. I’m very proud to say that I’m a part of the Games. Thanks to BNSS, I am volunteering at the Olympics. BNSS offers a special program; the Ice-hockey Academy. Girls and boys from all grades attend the Academy, from beginner to professional. It is a perfect way to improve my hockey skills. There is a good learning environment. Teachers in Canada are not only there to teach, they’re also available to talk about personal concerns. Life as an exchange student in Canada isn’t as hard as I thought it would be; I’ve made new friends, learned a lot about a new culture and live with a wonderful home-stay family. Kevin, Germany
  50. 50. Excellent support
  51. 51. International Office team Excellent support for international students and their families
  52. 52. Vice Principals of International at every high school Alpha Burnaby Central Burnaby Mountain Burnaby North Byrne Creek Cariboo Hill MoscropBurnaby South
  53. 53. International Student Liaisons at every high school Alpha Burnaby Central Burnaby Central Burnaby Mountain Burnaby NorthBurnaby Mountain
  54. 54. International Student Liaisons Byrne Creek Byrne Creek MoscropCariboo Hill
  55. 55. One week orientation before school starts (late August, late January) • English assessment • Math assessment • Program overview • Study plans (German students can select courses in advance) • Homestay information • School tour • 2 local excursions
  56. 56. Regular parent meetings
  57. 57. Universities and colleges throughout Canada and some from the US present their programs to our international students Higher education night
  58. 58. Excursions
  59. 59. Medical insurance
  60. 60. Report Cards
  61. 61. Japanese Korean Mandarin Cantonese Spanish Portuguese Italian Multi-lingual staff
  62. 62. Our High Schools
  63. 63. Students can choose from eight secondary schools (Grades 8 – 12), ranging from 900 – 2,250 students Burnaby South
  64. 64. Burnaby Mountain
  65. 65. Byrne Creek Secondary
  66. 66. Burnaby North Secondary
  67. 67. Cariboo Secondary
  68. 68. Alpha Secondary
  69. 69. Central Secondary
  70. 70. Moscrop Secondary
  71. 71. Registration Students can start in September or February and can register for one semester (5 months), one year (10 months), or more
  72. 72. Semester system Students can choose the semester or linear system • starts September and February • 4 subjects per semester = 8 subjects per year Linear system • starts September only (option for Italian students to start at other times if non-credit) • 8 subjects September to June
  73. 73. Burnaby's semester schools are Alpha | Byrne Creek | Central Burnaby's linear schools are Cariboo | Moscrop | Mountain | North | South
  74. 74. International student population We limit the number of international students placed at each school to less than 8% of the school’s student population
  75. 75. Outstanding Facilities Schools are either new, have been recently renovated, or have been equipped with the latest in educational technology
  76. 76. Michael J. Fox theatre, Burnaby South Secondary
  77. 77. Specialty Mac labs for Media Arts
  78. 78. Video conferencing centre – Byrne Creek Secondary
  79. 79. Every school has a dance studio
  80. 80. Every school has a school cafeteria
  81. 81. Every school has 2 gymnasiums
  82. 82. Every school has outdoor playing fields
  83. 83. Multi-purpose areas For lunch, studying, school assemblies, etc.
  84. 84. Our Student Environment School spirit is strong A welcoming student body Staff are caring and supportive High student participation in school activities
  85. 85. Sofia, Brazil My stay here in Canada has been great! Here in Burnaby, being an International student opens to you lots of great opportunities. The experience of being an International student in Burnaby South school is just amazing. I met lots of good friends and amazing teachers, I really enjoyed my stay in Canada!
  86. 86. Our Academic Programs • Regular Academic Programs, comprised of eight subjects • Intensive English Program • Honours Program • Advanced Placement (AP) • French Immersion
  87. 87. Class size is maximum 30 students ESL classes are usually 15 - 25 students
  88. 88. Course Timetable • Students take eight subjects per year • Students will be assessed at orientation for their English language level • The subjects they take will depend on their English language level
  89. 89. ESL + credit courses sample program 1. Level 1 ESL (Beginner): 4 ESL classes, Math, Physical Education, Arts, Applied Skills (e.g. computers, technology, foods) 2. Level 2 ESL (Intermediate): 3 ESL classes, Science, Math, Physical Education, Arts, Applied Skills 3. Level 3 ESL (Advanced): Language Adapted English, Language Adapted Social Studies, Math, Science, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Electives
  90. 90. Numerous Elective Courses • Animation • Cooking • E-business/Marketing • Fashion Merchandising • Film Studies • Graphic Arts • Industrial Design • Leadership & Helping • Music Technology • Outdoor Education • Photography • Robotics • Space Science • Television Production • Tourism
  91. 91. Latin and Ancient Greek Burnaby School District is the only public school district to offer Latin and Ancient Greek year round
  92. 92. Kim, Germany My experience at Burnaby Mountain Secondary has been fun and special. In classes, I find students and teachers are respectful to each other. I feel that teacher’s put a lot of effort into their lesson planning. The equipment and facilities are really great here. We have lots of chances to use computers and work in groups. There are many field trips and extra curricular activities. For instance some of the field trips we went on was a hockey game, Olympic event and skiing. There are really fun intramural sports at lunch and students run entertainment events at night. By meeting friends, my English has really improved. Everybody is so welcoming and interested in learning German, and about German culture. Schools here are different than in Germany. There are many varied courses like textiles, drama, photography, marketing and baking.
  93. 93. Clubs Skiing/Snowboarding Mountain Biking Guitar Golf Math Dance Team Dragon Boat Racing Robotics Drama Cheerleading ...and many more
  94. 94. Homestay Program Students are placed in carefully selected homes
  95. 95. Homestay Program
  96. 96. Homestay Program • For students 13+ years of age • Elementary students K-5 must reside with parent; grades 6-7 with aunt/uncle/grandparent only • Families must pass a strict screening process • Families provide a caring and supportive environment • Students have their own bedroom and 3 meals per day • Located in walking distance or a short bus ride to the appointed school • Students have a strict curfew • The homestay application allows students to describe their ideal family • The maximum students placed in a home are two, and they must be from different countries
  97. 97. Karina, Mexico My experience as International Student has been great! I have met a lot of people which now is really special for me. I had learned a lot about another cultures, had amazing experiences and tried a lot of new things. Being in a home-stay it`s really interesting, I have had good times with them, it has made me responsible and independent. I`m sure that this experience it`s going to help me for my life and I'm just thankful with all the people that had make this an unforgettable time.
  98. 98. Summer Programs (July and August) Customized group programs – ESL + activities Credit courses – Math Non-credit courses - ESL
  99. 99. See you in Burnaby!