Coffee for your_health[1]


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SKINNY COFFEE & other weight loss &
general health enhancing products with business potential.

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Coffee for your_health[1]

  1. 1. Destiny by Design
  2. 2. means…To Make BetterBoresha brings anOrganic, Toxin FreeHealthy Coffee.Experience the NaturalVitality, Clarity andHealth Benefits of freshbrewed Boresha.
  3. 3. Enjoy Coffee without Stomach SensitivityDestiny by Design During the coffee- roasting process, natural coffee acids form which can lead to heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach. Reducing these irritants can allows coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs to enjoy coffee.
  4. 4. STANDARD ROASTINGStandard Commercialroasting putsthe beans on a flatscreen conveyer whichare roasted by blowingflame heated the hot airfrom below.Another method is toplace the beans in atumbler and then blowthe flame heated hot airthrough as they tumble.
  5. 5. FLAME ROASTINGBoth methods;however, have atendency to allowthe flame to burnthe beans and tonot cook themevenly and all theway through .Acidic compoundsare still present inthe beans.
  6. 6. So what’s in your Cup?GOOD ROASTING Non Organic Coffee inBoresha only uses pure,organic, AA Countries are Third World Arabica Not Regulatedbeans hand pickedgreen though many Even from the originalAfrican soil. that have chemicals been banned, or areCustom roasted in small strictly regulated in the USbatches to guarantee or Europe, they remainsmooth controlled less legal to use in the flavor developed countries.Other Commercialcoffees are usually hot Including many countriesair roasted coffee for that grow with unevenlycooked “acidic” beans. NAME BRANDS.
  7. 7. Coffee & Your Health Brewing is Better for your Health While you may have read that antioxidants are found in tomatoes and blueberries, broccoli and green tea, we now know that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants consumed from coast to coast.
  8. 8. Peel this Apple inHalf and What willHappen in just Brewing is BetterMinutes? for your HealthFree Radicals inthe Air cause theApple to Age & Free radicals areturn Brown. unstable molecules that are producedAdd Lemon Juice when cells burn& the Anti- oxygen for energy.Oxidants delay theAging. If left unchecked, free radicals causeAntioxidants cumulative andhelp stop the irreversible damageFree Radical to our cells, bodiesDeterioration and skin.
  9. 9. Now, Americans canfeel good about theirfavorite beverage…coffee. Brewing is Better for your Health We’re told by scientists that We’re told coffee can offer it looks like by scientists that it looks like coffee protection against type 2 can offer protection diabetes,1 liver disease,2 Parkinson’s disease,3 some against type 2 diabetes, types of cancer3 – and even liver disease, Parkinson’s dehydration.4 disease, some types of cancer – and even dehydration.
  10. 10. Brewing is Better for your HealthWe always knew ourfavorite brew kept usalert, but here’s onemore benefit: studieshave shown thatcoffee actually mayenhance memory.
  11. 11. Brewing is Better for your HealthMany studies provethat coffee boostsenergy and helpspeople do what theydo.It’s good whetherthey’re driving,working, exercising,studying, or evendoing a crosswordpuzzle.
  12. 12. Coffee a Hearty BrewReduced Risk is Found Brewing is Better for your Health Type 2 diabetes Scientific studies have found that coffee lowers the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Researchers say a special antioxidant in coffee helps the way our bodies process sugar. It has nothing to do with caffeine, so if you drink yours decaffeinated, you get the same protection.
  13. 13. Brewing is Better for your HealthCoffee delivers moreantioxidants than green tea.Green coffee beans containabout 1,000 antioxidants,and the brewing processadds 300 more.The roasting process, by theway, creates its own set ofhealthful compounds which,like some antioxidants, areunique to coffee alone.
  14. 14. "On balance, coffee is a wash,"said Dr. Arthur Klatsky, acardiology consultant withKaiser Permanente in Oakland Brewing is Betterwho drinks one or two cups a for your Healthday.” "Most of the bad effects are probably individual intolerances, like getting jittery or having heart palpitations. But attempts to link it to serious adverse health consequences have failed."
  15. 15. Turn Off: Toxic Endosulfan is anNon Organic Coffee Coffee insecticide used against the coffee cherrie boreWhat’s in Your Cup?Non Organic Products Once on the soil may take years to break down. Studies show that Endosulfan affects the central nervous system and prevents it from working properly. Hyperactivity, nausea, dizziness, headache, or convulsions have been observed in adults exposed to high doses. Severe poisoning may result in death.
  16. 16. Organic CoffeeHelps Care for People By supporting organicsFarmers say one of the you help third-worldmajor reasons they farmers protectchoose organic isconcern for their health themselves from theand that of their families. hazards of exposure to synthetic pesticides and herbicides, while earning a premium price for their organically grown beans. Theyre less likely to move to overcrowded cities and let their lands go to waste.
  17. 17. Brewing is Better for your HealthEvidence shows thatcoffee enhancesthinking performance,enabling test takers toscore higher,particularly when understress.
  18. 18. Brewing is Better for your HealthMuscle pain from exerciseSeveral experiments havefound that caffeine levelsequal to about 2 cups ofcoffee can reduce musclepain during and afterexercise.In fact, one researcher sayshe makes it a point to drinkcoffee before he goesrunning!
  19. 19. Brewing is Better for your Health•  According to the US Dept of Agriculture, The Soil is Depleted of minerals•  Planting crops in the same fields year after year strips the soil if it’s nutrients•  Thus creating the lack of minerals needed in our fruits and vegetables.
  20. 20. Boresha is proud tobring you an Organic,Healthy Coffee that isDelicious, Nutritiousand supports a healthyand balanced lifestyle.