Deltares corporate presentation


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Deltares corporate presentation

  1. 1. Deltares Institute for Delta technology
  2. 2. Independent institute Deltares is an independent institute for delta technology, incorporating advanced expertise on water, ground and sub-soil. We are at the forefront in the development, distribution and application of expert knowledge for sustainable development and preservation of delta, coastal and fluvial areas.
  3. 3. Deltares: joint forces In January 2008, four Dutch partners bundled their expertise: • WL | Delft Hydraulics – hydrological engineering and integrated water management • GeoDelft - geo-engineering • Part of TNO Building & Subsurface – ground and groundwater • Part of Rijkswaterstaat (RIKZ, RIZA en DWW) - integrated water management and hydrological engineering.
  4. 4. Our mission Technological breakthroughs and innovation are essential to maintain the habitability of coastal and fluvial areas. Through an integrated approach, Deltares develops knowhow for innovative solutions, to make living in deltas safe, clean and sustainable, worldwide.
  5. 5. Living in the delta Sustainable delta Vulnerable delta strategic location low lying fertile soft soil high environmental importance fluctuating water levels rich in minerals & raw materials Pressure on living space recreation and environment Delta technology Clean safe sustainable delta 80% of the world’s population lives, works and recreates in deltas, coastal and fluvial regions
  6. 6. Delta technology Water, ground and sub-soil issues are not just about technology. • Quite often, there are different policy agenda’s • A large number of parties are involved, each with different interests • And the environment plays an important role. Therefore, development of the area must be approached from several angles. Delta technology combines all these ‘hard’ and soft’ approaches in relation to the environment. This integrated approach results in a sustainable, socially acceptable development of our surroundings using advanced technological solutions. Our goal is a safe environment in which it is pleasant to live.
  7. 7. Our expertise . . Urban water management Integrated coastal management . . Integrated water management Climate . . Safety and risks Operational forecasting systems & management systems . . Water and ground quality Spatial planning and ecology . . Linear infrastructure Innovation management . . Strategic analysis Hydraulics . . Offshore Intake & outfall systems . Dikes
  8. 8. Our roles Research and development centre Deltares responds to demands for new knowledge, innovative products and advanced services. Our research programming is demand driven. Knowledge broker Deltares cooperates with knowledge providers, to acquire knowledge, integrate it and make it available to stakeholders. Assessor and analyst Deltares provides factually based assessments of the physical state of delta areas; we identify physical and social trends and developments and evaluate effectiveness of policies Specialist advisor Deltares incorporates state of the art knowledge and innovations in independent, authorative, expert advice. Knowledge and information centre Deltares makes high-quality, science-based products and expertise available for a broad public.
  9. 9. Our staff Creative Driven by their subject Eager to learn Involved Customer-oriented Professional Focused on cooperation Theory and practice
  10. 10. Our facilities Deltares has various test facilities for research and advice: The GeoCentrifuge, for geotechnical study: the downward pressure on ground can be measured to scale
  11. 11. Our facilities The Sluice facility, for measuring the effect of currents on constructions
  12. 12. Our facilities Vinjé basin: multi-directional wave basin to measure the effect of waves on constructions
  13. 13. Our clients / partners National and international .Public agencies .Universities & science institutes .Private sector .Public sector
  14. 14. Our way of working To continue to be “state-of-the-art”, Deltares cooperates with others on projects at home and abroad. This involves developing and applying new expertise. Being there, where innovation is needed.
  15. 15. Examples of our projects Flood Safety . Strength & capacity of dikes . Course & serious game Dike Security . FEWS: Sharing expertise to forecast flooding . Flood Control 2015 . Urban Water management Hong Kong . Smart Dike
  16. 16. Examples of our projects Living space . Singapore-Delft Water Alliance . Design of National Waterplan . National Hydrological Instrumentarium . National Waterplan Mongolia . IJsselmeer area
  17. 17. Examples of our projects A sustainable delta . Water and soil quality . Salty groundwater in Zeeland . Cradle to Cradle . Building with Nature: nature at work . Water as a sustainable energy source . Windmills in the North Sea
  18. 18. Examples of our projects Maintaining accessibility . Roads on poles . Solid basis: SmartSoils® . North-South line . A2 Tunnel Maastricht . Second Maasvlakte
  19. 19. Facts & Figures . .Legal form: foundation under Dutch law Over 800 Fte’s . .Annual turnover 103 mln euro Locations in Delft and Utrecht .Nationally and internationally active
  20. 20. Revenue 103 mln 14% abroad 31% Demand-driven research, 19% national Dutch government corporate sector 36% Dutch government authorities