Delltares statement of capabilities water & energy 2010


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Delltares statement of capabilities water & energy 2010

  1. 1. Statement of Capabilities Water & Energy Deltares is a Dutch independent research institute for water, soil and subsurface issues. Our advanced expertise enables safe, clean and sustainable living in deltas, coastal areas and river basins throughout the world. With this goal in mind, we develop knowledge, innovative products and services, pool our knowledge with others, and make the results available. We advise governments and private sector, and use our expertise to make sound and independent assessments of the physical conditions of deltas, coastal areas and river basins. Concerning energy, Deltares can play a significant role in the development of knowledge, in developing and improving technologies and in assessing impacts of these technologies on the environment. Below, a short number of topics is listed on which Deltares can perform adequate assessments and research. Sustainable energy production from water and subsoil • Tidal Energy and Energy from Rivers - Energy from free water flow (i.e. tidal or river currents) - Energy from water level differences (i.e. energy production at check structures) - Energy from waves (wind waves, reflection waves and breaking waves) • Blue Energy (i.e. energy production using the salinity gradient in water) • Energy from Aquatic Biomass (e.g. from algae and quatic weeds) • Thermal Energy from water and subsoil - Geothermal power (heat and electricity) - ATES, Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (i.e. seasonal storage of thermal energy) - Thermal Energy from temperature gradient (i.e. for cooling or heating)  Deltares specializes in assessing, testing and improving concepts
  2. 2. Spatial integration problems Preservation and Sustainability • Foundation of off shore wind turbines (e.g. suitability • Energetic optimization of rural and urban water of and impact on specific location) systems (e.g. smart control of pumps, using • 3D Modeling of fresh or saline water flows (e.g. for knowledge of system behavior) determining changes in water quality) • Reduction of energy losses due to cavitation bubbles • Hydrodynamic, morphological and ecological impact in transport pipe lines assessments and modeling • Early warning system for water temperature (e.g. • Measures to reduce effects of thermal discharges in case of exceeding limitations on water temperature (cooling water) rise) • Institutional and political barriers (e.g. innovative • Energy and CO2- payback times (e.g. criteria for concepts and integrated approaches) sustainability) • Managing innovation and realization processes and • Self-sufficiency on energy / decentralized energy processes with private-public interaction production • Integrated spatial planning or design, maintaining • Cradle to cradle; closing cycles (e.g. energy and environmental qualities materials) • Integrated approach and multi-functional usage of  Deltares specializes in reducing or eliminating space barriers and assessing environmental aspects • Safety and ecology Integrated and area-based planning and  Deltares specializes in supporting the transition management path to sustainability • Combining ATES with (sub)surface water to improve the performance of ATES, whilst managing water More information quantity • Usage of process (cooling) water for ATES, whilst rehabilitating polluted subsoil • Extracting surplus of thermal energy from surface water for heating/cooling buildings, whilst improving water quality P.O. Box 177  Deltares specializes in linking (thermal) energy 2600 MH Delft, The Netherlands flows with area-based planning