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We Need to Talk: Are We Making the Right Connections?


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Presentation at Computers in Education Society of Ireland (CESI) Conference, St Patrick's Campus, Dublin City University, Dublin 4 March 2017.

Published in: Education
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We Need to Talk: Are We Making the Right Connections?

  1. 1. Deirdre Butler and Mark Brown Dublin City University 4th March 2017 We Need to Talk Are We Making the Right Connections?
  2. 2. Deirdre Butler Mark Brown @mbrownz@butlerdee Introduction Learning Transformation
  3. 3. “Are we making the right connections in order to forge and explore new transformative frontiers?” Are digital literacies enough? What depositions are required for an uncertain future? Deirdre Butler Mark Brown @mbrownz@butlerdee
  4. 4. Taking a deeper look at digital skills, literacies or competences…
  5. 5. “As the chapters that follow attest, the most immediately obvious facts about accounts of digital literacy are that there are many of them and that there are significantly different kinds of concepts on offer” (Lankshear & Knobel, 2008, p.2).
  6. 6. 2015 Identified over 100 models and frameworks which to greater or lesser extent purport to encapsulate the various dimensions of digital skills, literacies or competencies.
  7. 7. “I’ve been asked many times for a diagram of the eight essential elements, something that will fit nicely on a PowerPoint slide. While I can do so I feel that this perpetuates a problem I’ve seen time and time again... People over-specify an answer to a question that differs massively according to the context” (Doug Belshaw, 2015, p.58).
  8. 8. DigComp
  9. 9. Mapping the Connections
  10. 10. Embedding Bolting On Mapping the Connections
  11. 11. EmbeddingUnvalidated Bolting On Validated Mapping the Connections
  12. 12. EmbeddingUnvalidated Bolting On Validated
  13. 13. EmbeddingTechnologySkills Bolting On PedagogicalBeliefs
  14. 14. Decontextualised Embedding Bolting On Contextualised
  15. 15. FunctionalLiteracies Embedding Bolting On CriticalLiteracies
  16. 16. Bolting On Reproduction Embedding Transformation
  17. 17. For the purpose of this report we can define digital skills, literacies or competencies as .... “the capabilities which fit someone for living, learning and working in a digital society, with the knowledge that a digital society is ever evolving” (p.18). 2015
  18. 18. Makers and Shapers
  19. 19. In sum… • No single framework • Involves complex relationships • Must keep sight of the bigger picture
  20. 20. Are we making the right connections in order to forge and explore new transformative frontiers?
  21. 21. @mbrownz@butlerdee We Want To Hear Your Thoughts Discuss, Debate, Disagree Learning Transformation
  22. 22. Go raibh maith agaibh!