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Service On The 28th Of Oct 07


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A short presentation on the Anglican service in Second Life on the 28th of Oct. 07

Published in: Spiritual
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Service On The 28th Of Oct 07

  1. 1. The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life On the 28 th of October three services were held at the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life. This is a short presentation on the 11am service led by Mark Brown.
  2. 4. Welcoming people to the service!
  3. 5. Preaching on Sin
  4. 6. People listen to the sermon on audio.. Wherever they are in the world.
  5. 7. One of the congregation dressed as an angel!
  6. 8. We had a long and significant time of prayer together.
  7. 9. And then after the service Sophia Tulip lead a Bible study in the Parish house.