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Business systems run the world of business. Ours is changing the landscape of financial services, mortgage banking, and real estate, come join us!

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  • Emerge Financial Advisors

    1. 1. Vice President and Co-Founder of Emerge Financial Advisors 7 Years as a financial advisor and mortgage banker I have helped open and develop hundreds of offices across the United States which have helped thousands of families get out of debt, save money, retire, and purchase real estate I’m Committed to serving your family and helping you navigate through these financially tough timesMichael Rutherford
    2. 2. Power Packed Agenda • Current state of affairs, – Underwater country that needs help • How will Emerge Explode my business? • What can I do to help more families? • How to avoid every recession for the rest of your career and earn more not less • I want to be a part of a company that changes and industry to change the world
    3. 3. Nearly 3,000 Foreclosures per day
    4. 4. The problem is getting worse not better • Foreclosure filings were reported on 340,000 properties in April, up almost 32% from April 2008 • 1 in every 374 U.S. homes received a foreclosure filing in April 2009 • Las Vegas: 1 in 56 homes receiving a foreclosure filing • 80,775 in California alone! - Realty Trac
    5. 5. 12.5 Million Loans “At Risk” to Recast/Adjust in 09
    6. 6. Scary Statistics That Fuel a Roaring Fire Consumer Debt $2.5 Trillion Highest in US History! UNEMPLOYMENT 9.6% August 09 Over 15%+ in many cities 6+ Million Job
    7. 7. Lender “Implosions”
    8. 8. Stalemate in the Mortgage Industry • Banks aren’t in the real estate business – They don’t want your home • The banks can’t lend money when they inherit your real estate • They must have 1:1 liquid cash mandate for non performing assets • The result is: they can’t make money! • They are motivated to modify loans simply to stay in business
    9. 9. Diversified Product Suite with Providers and Partners • Mortgage – Residential, Commercial, FHA, VA • Loss Mitigation – Residential, Commercial, Vehicles, Boats, etc… • Credit Score Enhancement • Debt Settlement • Life, health, and P&C Insurance • Mortgage accelerator programs • Landing Banking • Estate and Tax Planning
    10. 10. What do People Need Help WithWhat do People Need Help With Today?Today? Mortgage Refinance Loss Mitigation Short Sale Deed in Lieu OPTION 1 2 3 (credit enhancement) (Debt Settlement)
    11. 11. What Will People Need Tomorrow? College Funds Insurances Retirement Ongoing Education and Counsel
    12. 12. Our Process • Step One – Identify a prospective client, establish their expectations and explain the client advisor relationship • Step Two – Determine how serious they are about fixing themselves and their situation. Get very thorough information regarding their goals and dreams through a series of questions • Step Three – Input the information into our technology through your back office to determine what challenges they are facing • Step Four – Our System will tell you their financial grade based on the information they type in, and will recommend which products/services that they should consider based on their short comings the system reveals • Step Five – Utilize our concierge style product platform and our experts to serve the needs of your clients offering them a true holistic financial wellness program!
    13. 13. Have a business that serves everyone Client Mortgage TAX Real Estate Debt Settlement Credit Repair Loss Mitigation Estate Planning Retirement And whatever else you can think of…….
    14. 14. • Adjustable interest Rate • High Interest Rate • Negatively Amortized Loan • Monthly Deficit • Negative Equity (upside down) • Under Insured • Under saved or no savings • Can’t Refinance • Loss of In a Recession, Everyone Needs Something
    15. 15. 2 Groups of Clients • Haves – Are losing money in the market – Looking for tax advantages – Like good deals on real estate – Are concerned about their credit – Looking for good advice! • Have Nots – Are in Debt – Have bad credit – No savings – No college funds – No retirement – No insurance – About to lose home – Looking for good advice! We Serve Both Groups
    16. 16. Our Spiral of Influence
    17. 17. Win Win Win • 1st Priority: Client keeps home, gets on track • 2nd Bank gets performing asset again • 3rd Neighborhoods stabilize • 4th Stock Market stabilizes • 5th Banks loosen up on lending • 6th I make a substantial living for marrying these parties!
    18. 18. Simple Life With our Technology • Lead system and state-of-the-art CRM • Completely web-based submission and processing • Online client, agent, manager tracking portal • On demand training and webinars • Archived training and marketing material
    19. 19. Business in a Box! • Our entire system can be web based if you are web based, and it can be done by fax if you are faxed based. • You can sell yourself to wealth with our sales system in a box • You can build yourself to wealth with our business/recruiting system in a box • Plug and play with our tools that fit your goals and objectives
    20. 20. Compensation • Free to join • $49 per month technology fee • Start at 40% as an agent • Earn up to 85% as a Vice President – Build a National Organization More Volume More Compensation 40% 85%
    21. 21. A good opportunity only becomes great when you act on it! • Call Michael at 858-864-3873 or email mrutherford@emergefinancialadvisors.com • Join our firm to start helping families immediately!