How to Produce Great Web Video


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Problem: Creating video seems difficult and/or expensive.

Solution: We'll show you how to get it done without spending a ton of time or money.

Video is one of the most underutilized elements on the web, yet it can have tremendous impact on your marketing strategy and on the effectiveness of your website.

While a lot of organizations want to use video on their websites, they lack the comfort level to purchase the right equipment, shoot quality footage, and get it edited and published.

This session is designed to break down those barriers and give you the tools and knowledge you need to produce great videos for use on your website and on social media.

By the time we're done, you’ll be able to create high-quality, low-cost videos in-house for your website and you will probably have fun doing it. Ready? Let’s get started...

Key Points:

* Getting the right equipment (without costing you thousands)
* How to capture great-looking footage
* How to create customer testimonials, whiteboard videos, and promo videos
* Best practices for publishing on the web and social media

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How to Produce Great Web Video

  1. 1. Producing Great WEB VIDEO for Marketing How to plan, shoot, and produce simple videos in- house for marketing. PRESENTED BY: MICHAEL REYNOLDS
  2. 2. Producing Marketing Videos Whiteboard, promos, and testimonials.
  3. 3. Agenda We’ll Cover: • Why video? • Video equipment • Filming tips • Video editing • Hosting and publishing video • Q&A
  4. 4. Why Video? Will Video Help My Marketing? • Some people prefer video over text • SEO benefits • More personal • Can help content come alive
  5. 5. Video Equipment Shopping List on a Budget: • Video camera • Audio • Tripods • Lighting • Accessories
  6. 6. Video Camera Upgrade from the FlipCam/iPhone: • Removable SD card slot (so you’re not limited by built-in storage) • Preview screen that rotates 360 degrees • External mic input
  7. 7. Shotgun Mic Good Audio is Critical: • Captures sound from a specific direction • Helps filter out ambient noise • Leaves you with clearer sound from your subject
  8. 8. Tripod Don’t over-analyze it • Get any basic tripod • Seriously, anything is fine
  9. 9. Lighting A Nice Add-on: • Good for low light • Won’t need very often
  10. 10. Gorillapod Cool Toy and Useful Attachment: • Great for attaching mics to stands • Fits things together in a pinch • Serves as a standalone mini-tripod
  11. 11. Filming Tips Good Input = Good Video: • Customer testimonials • Instructional / whiteboard videos • Demo / promo videos
  12. 12. Customer Testimonials Social Proof: • Keep it unscripted • Use a narrow angle • Gather some b-roll • Use the rule of thirds
  13. 13. Customer Testimonials (You): Thank you so much for agreeing to give us a testimonial! I’m going to ask you a few questions and when you answer, make it a complete statement. For example, if I ask “what is your favorite food?” you would say “my favorite food is pizza” rather than just saying “pizza.”
  14. 14. Whiteboard Videos Instructional/Educational: • Great for thought leadership • Great for repurposing content • Consider whiteboard • Ok to center yourself
  15. 15. Whiteboard Videos Instructional/Educational: • Zoom in enough so that edges are not visible • Use a big whiteboard (see above) • Try using more than one marker color • Rule of thirds for whiteboard • Unscripted is best • Make sure you have good lighting • Keep it short and to the point • Speak very naturally and conversationally
  16. 16. Video Editing The Finished Product: • Don’t spend a lot on software • Mac: iMovie, Screenflow, Adobe Premier • Windows: Magix Movie Edit Pro, Camtasia
  17. 17. Video Editing The Finished Product: • Keep videos short (60 seconds give or take) • Resist the urge to use fancy transitions (stick to cross dissolve/blur) • Add intro and “outro” slide • Insert name/title bars under subject briefly during their first appearance • Add subtle background music (Vimeo Music Store)
  18. 18. Video Editing
  19. 19. Hosting Video
  20. 20. Hosting Video YouTube: • SEO benefits • Easy to use • Ad opportunities (promote videos, in-video ads) • Free • Limited thumbnail choices • Limited customization • Not a lot of analytics data • Often blocked by corporate IT departments • YouTube logo always appears in videos
  21. 21. Hosting Video Vimeo: • Free version • High-quality video playback • Complete player customization • Excellent analytics • Less traffic than YouTube • Questionable SEO benefits • Upload limits • Commercial videos require a Pro account
  22. 22. Hosting Video Wistia: • Outstanding analytics • View heat mapping • Marketing tools (calls to action, etc.) • Customization and branding • Excellent management dashboard • User/project login access • Video player API • Email marketing integration • Email collector option • Labs with fancy effects
  23. 23. Video Placement Where To Use Your Videos: • Blog posts • Case study pages • Press releases • Company Facebook page • Company Google+ Page • Website home page
  24. 24. Go Make Videos Look How Fancy Your Are: • Tell stories • Use in your sales process • Marketing content • Don’t be afraid • You can do it!
  25. 25. Video Concepts Exercise
  26. 26. Q&A